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    Mojo is a Voodoo doll who resides in Arni Village. His innate color is black.

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    Basic Information

     Mojo is a cursed voodoo doll. He has three candles on his head and a giant nail through his body. He often follows up words with "om". In battle he uses gloves and his innate color is black. 


    Mojo somehow ended up in Arni village where he is worshiped by one of the villagers. He was essentially an inanimate object until Serge came near him. When Mojo recognized Serge's greater purpose in life he came to life and joined the party. If you bring Mojo to the dummy in front of Glenn and Dario's house he tells Serge that the nail through his chest symbolizes hate. After that if you bring him back to the original villager who worshiped him, Mojo admits that he is a tool used to cause pain, but he only wants to spread joy. He then changes his name to Mojoy.  

    How to recruit

     Talk to the fisherman in the Arni Village of Home World and get the Shark Tooth. If you give the tooth to the fisherman in the Arni of Another World Mojo will join the party. Note: This only works after the events at Cape Howl have taken place


    Voodoo Dance - Acquired at star level 3. Mojo dances around and laughs in front of an enemy damaging them.  
    Cartwheel - Acquired at star level 19. Mojo does cartwheels doing damage to all enemies. 
    HoodooGooroo - Take Mojo to see the fisherman in the Arni Village of Home world. Then in Another world have him talk to the cat statues in order (Lasey, Aurey, Lickye). Mojo chants lifting an enemy into the air and then stabs him in the heart with his nail. 

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