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Monster Bash is a pinball machine that features the Universal Monsters. Monster Bash was re-created digitally as part of the Table Pack #3 DLC for The Pinball Arcade.

Game Modes

The main goal in Monster Bash is to collect the musical instrument of all six monsters. To collect an instrument the player must complete one of the six modes.

Creature Feature

The goal of Creature Feature is to hit all of the main shots and shoot all the ramps and loops before the time runs out. The player has twenty seconds to complete each shot. Each shot that is made will reset the timer to twenty seconds again. If the player completes this mode, Creature From the Black Lagoon's saxophone will be awarded.

Full Moon Fever

In Full Moon Fever the goal is to shoot the ball through the two ramps four times each. If Full Moon Fever is completed, The Wolfman's drums will be awarded.

Ball & Chain

To start Ball & Chain the player must shoot each of the ramps three times. Once Ball & Chain is started the goal is to then shoot each of the ramps three times each again. If Ball & Chain is completed, The Bride of Frankenstein's microphone will be awarded.

Frankenstein Multiball

In Frankenstein Multiball the player must assemble Frankenstein. To assemble him the player must hit him a total of seven times. Once Frankenstein has been hit seven times he will rise up. Once he has risen the goal is to then hit him six more times. If Frankenstein Multiball is completed, Frankenstein's keyboard will be awarded.

Mummy Mayhem

Once started, the goal of Mummy Mayhem is to collect 7.5 million points in forty-five seconds. If the 7.5 million points have been collected, The Mummy's bass will be awarded.

Drac Attack

The goal of Drac Attack is to earn the letters to spell Dracula. The letters can be collected by hitting the Drac and Attack buttons. These Drac and Attack buttons must be hit a total of seven times (collectively). Once Dracula has been spelled out Dracula will emerge from his coffin. Once Dracula is out of the coffin the player must hit him five times. If Drac Attack has been completed, Dracula's guitar will be awarded.

Mosh Pit Multiball

This mode becomes lit after shooting the center spinner shot 6 times, and activated by hitting the scoop to the right of the spinner. In this mode, the major shots are lit for Jackpots, and the spinner acts as an Add-a-Ball to the multiball, with up to 4 balls in play starting from 2. The Frankenstein ramp is also lit as a Count-Up feature; 10 successful shots claims a Super Jackpot. The targets then come up, and they must be hit 5 times to claim a Super Jackpot. The cycle repeats after this.

Monster Bash

Activated by lighting all 6 Monsters in any order, followed by a scoop shot. This is a 4-ball multiball, with all monster shots lit for a fixed value. The spinner is also lit for a Bash Jackpot that increases and caps (typically at 7.5 million).

Monsters of Rock

Activated by lighting all 6 Instruments in any order, followed by a scoop shot. This is a 4-ball multiball, with all monsters lit for a fixed value. As an added feature, completing the 6 Monsters claims a special point bonus, starting at a 5X Multiplier and increasing up to 10X for each completion. The spinner shot spots any Monster shot that is not spotted of the 6.

Lyman's Lament

Hit the scoop 44 times during single-ball play to activate this mode, or enter a special code to access the mode without the bonuses and a cost of 1 credit. This mode normally awards 25 Bonus X and 2,500 added to the bonus for every switch. Regardless of the bonus, Lyman's Lament changes the main music that plays, and adds commentary of the programmer, Lyman Sheats, bashing you on how you play the game.


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