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    Monster Bash

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Apr 09, 1993

    A horror themed side-scrolling action game that stars Johnny Dash, who rescues animals and avoids monsters.

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    Monster Bash (not to be confused with the 1982 arcade game of the same name) is a 2D horror sidescrolling platformer developed and published by Apogee for the PC on April 9, 1993. As Johnny Dash, a kid armed with a slingshot and a magically bottomless supply of rocks, players must venture through haunted places to rescue various cats and dogs (including his pet dog, Tex) from the evil Count Chuck.

    The game was originally released in 3 different episodes where the first was free and episodes 2 and 3 had to be purchased. Episode 1 contained 10 levels and the other two contained 9 levels a piece for a total of 28 levels.

    Monster Bash puts the player in control of Johnny Dash. He is armed with a slingshot, and can find various upgrades throughout each level. Levels are completed by releasing caged cats and dogs while evading monsters and creatures. When the level is complete Johnny's health is replenished and his upgrades are stripped from him as the next level begins.

    The enemies Johnny battles during each level range from typical zombies to witches, skeletons, demons or werewolves. At the end of each episode Johnny then has a boss battle with the final one being Count Chuck.


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