(Un)Official Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Squad + Discord!

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With the upcoming release of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne we are expecting a big uptick in the active players on our already 600+ player strong Discord server. If you'd like to join, please use the link here: https://discord.gg/8MSQUYg

Nearer the launch of Iceborne I will be creating a new PS4 Squad for active players to join, and I'm sure another one of our members will make one for Xbox One too. If you'd like to get in please check out the #squads channel in the discord for who to message. Joining squads in Iceborne should be a lot easier thanks to the new sub-leader system that allows multiple members to invite people to the squad. I will list the squads and leaders here too on launch.

Happy hunting!

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#2 Posted by longevitous (273 posts) -

Giant Barrel Bomb is in a session now sending invites. Check the discord

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#3 Posted by Gaminggumper (162 posts) -

Great to see so many new Hunters joining in.

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Hey Folks,

Unfortunately, Giant Barrel Bomb is now full. I think Better Bombing Bureau is also full. However, don't let that stop you from coming to the Discord.

Squads are basically just so you can matchmake with people you know. Sharing Session IDs is the more usual way to meet up with folks, and the Discord has people grouping up all the time regardless of squad.

(Also, I'm pretty sure we're going to make more squads).

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Having to join somebody in order to join there guild system sure is a hassle. I'll try to join the "guild" in a next couple of days also feel free to add to PSN: SoulcakeGiantbom (the b didn't fit :'( )

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Yo let's get that XBox One squad... extant?

I'm gonna start just throwing session IDs into the Discord (and maybe here too?) whenever I am on and we will Make This Shit Happen.

EDIT: Session's up. 6BCYdkNKDKZ.

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I'm on the xbox one x.. how does one join a guild when without being invited? (I tried using the code above.. but that didn't work either)

My HR is in mid 50s

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@zurv: Sessions happen kinda live, and since that was 6 days ago it's highly unlikely those players have been on 6 straight days. Those room codes work for as long as players remain in that room, but Squad invites can only been sent out by a Squad Leader. I'm one on PS4, but my Squad is full. Go to Discord and look for or ask in the LFG-Xbox Channel for when the next session with a Squad Leader will be up. Someone will hopefully let you know when that will be so that you can get a Squad Invite and just use the Join Squad Session function within Monster Hunter: World. That is how a lot of us group up now that we have larger Squads, because more often than not a Squad session is already going one once you get close to that 50 player mark, if not more than 1. I've often seen our sessions hit the 16 player limit during the evenings.

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US time based Xbox Squad
Giant Bomberry

Check discord for the latest session IDs or ping my gamertag: Spraynard Krgr

2/8/17 10:18 CST
Created a session for invites that'll be up for a while tonight
Session ID: 3sKCQ2QX8rxk

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#10 Posted by TravisRex (819 posts) -

Was just gonna throw my psn name out there. Travisrex. Im friendly and not very good yet but eager to play, just got the game a couple hours ago.

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#11 Posted by Rasrimra (523 posts) -

Giant Barrel Bomb is in a session now sending invites. Check the discord

Just wanted to say Giant Barrel Bomb is a fantastic name for a GB squad ^__^

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Any chance i can get in on this? Been playing for 30 odd hours and could use some help. Just it HR and getting ass handed to me

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@buttmonk3y: Are you on PS4? I'm happy to team up with you and help.

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@mycoolyounghistory: yeah I'm on PS4. PSN ID: Assape

Been playing a while but feel I'm missing a load of the game/loop.

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@buttmonk3y: That's an interesting PSN ID. One letter away from being a problem.

Alright, I'll add you. I'm on most nights EST.

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#16 Posted by Lashiec (1 posts) -

Does anyone still play this? I'm a new player on psn looking for other GB noobs to hunt with if they're out there.

Psn id is Teh_Addict

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#17 Posted by Lelcar (1189 posts) -

Just started this up, I'm Bromic_Lamonte on PSN

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Cheeky bump for Iceborne's impending release. New squad details will be coming soon! Join the Discord over here: https://discord.gg/8MSQUYg

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#19 Posted by cloudymusic (2137 posts) -

I've done a few hunts with the GB squad in IB so far and it was great! Plenty of room for more duders!

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