Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 23, 2000

    The follow-up to the original card battling offshoot of the Monster Rancher series.

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    Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II is a card game developed and published by Tecmo for the PlayStation platform. In Japan the game is known as Monster Farm Battle Card Episode II.


    During the events of the monster breeding/fighting, some children that were too young to participate decided to create a card battling game. The name of the game created by these children is called Battle Cards. While the children were the ones that created the game, it soon caught on and became popular with adults as well. Soon after adults started playing the game the Monster Card Association was formed to hold official tournaments and standardize the rule set.

    Colt, a friend to the player is having a birthday party when everyone else at the party gives her some cards. Paba also gives Colt a mysterious slab to place the cards into. When all the cards filled the slab, Colt was transported to Monster Paradise. It is now up to the player to collect the same cards and place them into the slab to rescue Colt.


    Acquiring Cards

    Cards in the game can be acquired in two ways. The first way to collect cards is to play in and win tournaments and advance through the story. The other method involves going to the shrine and swapping the PlayStation disc with another PlayStation disc, music disc, or PC CD-ROM in the same method as previous Monster Rancher games.


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