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An Uncut Gem 0

 Mount & Blade: Warband is janky, dated and nearly incomplete. Despite these glaring setbacks, the game is still an incredible open-world adventure in which players have full control over the medieval world that surrounds them. As a hybrid of third-person action adventure games and RTS games, Warband much like its predecessor: Mount & Blade, is a game which puts you in control of a main player-controlled character who can recruit armies, conquer castles and cities, fight random battles, ...

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More than Horses and Swords 0

From the rugged terrain of the Turkish countryside (Ankara, Turkey, to be exact) comes this fantastic medieval simulator. Sometimes to make a great game you need a lot of capital. Sometimes all you need is creativity. Polish is a foreign word in this game; just an eyes glance at the title tells you that. It has no place next to big name titles. That has been established time and time again, but it does have a place in the pantheon of great titles.Traces of some kind of story could be dug up here...

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The replayability of this game is astounding 0

Mount and Blade games are great for really making you feel a tiny part of a large single player world, and Warband is by far the most polished version of that you can find. Start from nothing, or choose to start as a noble, work your way from a small group leader to an important vassal of a powerful nation, turning the game from being about survival to being about politics. You can truly do anything the game can do at any time, there are almost no restrictions, the only issue being status/power....

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Whats is this? 0

Ok mount and blade warband i didnt know a single thing about this game before i bought it and i have no idea what made me buy it, but i am glad i did.  This game will not stun you with graffix and still seems like a work in progress (honestly) the game starts out by asking you a few questions and depending on how you answer you will start out looking differnt and have differnt skills or arms now bam you start off in a town and have a single enemy to kill and then this guy comes and gives you que...

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The Combat System Every Game Needs 0

The title says it all. You have to plan the way you want to swing a sword, use a shield, or fire an arrow. this game is really great that has great support with mods and other cool servers. The online community is pretty active to the point where you can have 200 person matches. The graphics are a little dated, they remind me of the original Xbox graphics but that isn't what really makes a game. Its innovative. It uses a combat system that works great with medievil combat and it shows. It takes ...

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Better Than It Looks 0

Mount & Blade: Warband is a sandbox RPG that isn't nearly as bad as the screen shots make it look.  You take on the role of a leader in a traditional, fictional medieval world.  After a brief introductory story, where you determine your lineage and history (i.e. starting stats), you are dropped off into the world.The single player mode is wide open, and it is up to the player to decide what they want to do and how to pursue it.  The game starts off with a minor quest to put some change in yo...

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