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Though they typically tend to be comparable in stature to tall humans, roughly one percent of all Myrkridia grows to become much larger than the majority of its kin, developing into a towering behemoth known as the Myrkridian Giant. Since their society venerates strength above all else, it is not surprising that large Myrkridia tend to be the leaders of their particular packs, as they possess not only great physical prowess, but also considerable magical abilities beyond the understanding of others of their kind. They are capable of instilling utter terror in their foes with massive claws and deadly explosive skulls, making an imposing presence on the battlefield whose only true equal is the mighty Trow.

Racial Characteristics

While Myrkridian Giants are able to cast powerful magics, the Myrkridia are not a literate species, and thus they rely primarily on oral tradition to pass on knowledge of spellcasting from one practitioner to the next. Though normal Myrkridia tend to prefer living and travelling in packs, Giants frequently have been known to forgo this practice for periods of time, roaming the land in search of others like themselves in order to learn new spells and teach their own to others. Despite these differences in behavior and abilities (as well as the obvious height difference), Myrkridian Giants are very much identifiable as Myrkridia, as they display the same mercilessness and lust for bloodshed that all of their kind are known for.

Role in the Series

Debuting in Myth II, Myrkridian Giants are most easily compared to the similarly gargantuan Trow, though they are in fact a very different unit. While the Trow rely solely on their unparalleled melee power, Giants are a more versatile unit that can choose to either wade into the thick of battle, where it can tear its opponents limb from limb, or use its excellent foot speed and powerful skull attack to effectively act as a guerrilla fighter, harassing slower units and retreating well before they can retaliate, returning to repeat the process once their mana has regenerated. Though this gives them more possibilities than the Trow, they are weaker in a couple of areas. Their hit points, while considerable, are fairly low when compared to the Trow, and furthermore their claw attack, though quite fast, does much less damage with each individual strike than a Trow kick.


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