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    MyTown is a location-based game similar to FourSquare, where you buy and collect rent from your favorite places. Check in where you are and gain experience and money to buy new properties and upgrade your existing ones.

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    Checking In

    Check in at the place you currently are and leave an optional comment.  Doing so will merit you cash and XP, as well as possibly giving you items.  XP helps you gain levels to unlock more property slots, higher level building upgrades, and the use of higher level items. Cash is used to buy items from the virtual store (which also has a microtransaction counterpart) or it can be used to buy and upgrade properties.  


    Items you receive are divided into a few categories: 
    • Point Items - When equipped into any of the three item slots when you check in, it gives you a specified amount of extra XP.
    • Money Items - Like point items except gives you a specified amount of cash as opposed to XP.
    • Point & Money Items - Items that give both XP and money when you check in.
    • Discount Tokens - These are equipables that either give you a percentage discount on buying or upgrading properties.
    • Scratch-off Tickets -  Play a scratch-off mini-game to earn XP and money.  Scratch off at most 3 squares and cash the ticket in.  Squares containing "Not A Winner" invalidate all rewards.  You get a single undo action for any card in case you are unhappy with a square you scratched off.  These are earned randomly through checking in or by visiting or sending gifts to friends.
    • Stamps - Items used to decorate your properties, some of which give you extra points when you collect rent from that property.
    • Parts - Parts are used to create items from properties.
    • Poison - No benefit at all, can be equipped and might degrade the amount of money or XP you get when you check in.  It would be best to sell it.

    Manage Your Town

    At each property you can collect rent which generates in real time to some preset amount based on the number of check-ins at that location.  You can also change the style of your property, add stamps to it, and upgrade it.  Upgrades to a property both increase the total amount of rent you earn from it as well as upgrade the look of the building itself. Each property can now (since the last update) be used to produce items.  The item selection at each location is based on the type of business that it is.  Item generation takes the place of rent collection until the item is complete and you collect it. 


    Add your friends to be able to visit their towns and send/receive gifts and messages from them.  There is also a leader board of friend total property value.

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