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Napoleon Senki ("Records of the Napoleonic Wars") is a real-time strategy war sim that allows the player to revisit a selection of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's famous battles. The player will invariably control Napoleon and his French army in any of the conflicts depicted with the final and most difficult map being Waterloo, the battle Napoleon famously lost to the British-Dutch forces towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

Napoleon Senki was in the midst of a wave of serious military strategy games made for the NES, which included the NES version of Koei's Nobunaga's Ambition released on the same day in Japan. Though limited by the computing power of the NES, the game is quite busy with the amount of units (which move of their own accord) the player must keep track of on the field at once. This is especially the case in the larger scale battles, where both the player and enemy sides have troops numbering in the dozens.

Featured Battles

  • 1796 - Italy - First Italian campaign
  • 1798 - Egypt - Egyptian expedition
  • 1805 - Austria - War of the Third Coalition
  • 1806-07 - Spain - Peninsular War
  • 1809 - Austria - War of the Fifth Coalition
  • 1812 - Russia - Invasion of Russia
  • 1813 - Germany - War of the Sixth Coalition
  • 1815 - Belgium/The Netherlands - Battle of Waterloo

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