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Naya Deveraux was raised in an affluent home in London by her father Luther and her mother. She was a bit of a loner and would frequently get in altercations with other children. When her mother passed away Naya became her father's protege, she was trained as an assassin and earned her first kill at 21. Luther and Naya worked closely together for years but went separate ways after she refused a contract on a little girl. Naya eventually found work with Overstirke 9, during which time her father ascended the ranks of Raven.


Naya serves as the stealth assassin of the team and can cloak herself in order to move about unseen and dispatch enemies. Her Fuse weapon is the Warp Rifle, which fires anti-matter rounds augmented with Fuse to create singularities that ravage and devour enemies. These Wormholes form when a target is killed and can set off a Warpchain of multiple singularities if the blast hits another enemy that has been painted by anti-matter rounds.

Additional Information

Naya Deveraux is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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