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    NCAA Football 14

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 09, 2013

    The 2013 entry in EA Sports' college football franchise, featuring former Michigan Quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover.

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    For the first time, the Infinity Engine 2 will be used in NCAA football, bringing physics based hits and outcomes to the franchise. The game also adds "Coordinator camera" which will let players see all 22 players on the field at once.

    Recruiting Changes

    NCAA 14 introduced an overhauled recruiting system that replaced the long-held system in place for years prior. The old system relied on a certain amount of "time" each week that was usable to "call" and recruit players. The new system replaced "time" with points, and there was no more "calling" recruits and making pitches. Points are allocated to players as a way to build interest in your team.

    Coaching XP and Skills

    For the first time, NCAA 14 introduced a skill system. When playing as a coach, XP is earned during games and recruiting for milestones and achievements (such as winning a game by 20 points, getting 8 or more wins, etc.). Once the coach "levels up", they can then select from a skill tree that allows special traits and abilities to aid in recruiting and in games.

    Ultimate Team

    NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team
    NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team

    NCAA 14 adds the popular Ultimate Team mode to the franchise. The mode contains over 1,400 college football legends and an online season mode that last 10 games each with end-of-season tournaments.

    Cover Vote Controversy

    During the final hours of the NCAA Football 14 cover vote campaign, Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope closed a gap of 8000+ votes on runaway lead Denard Robinson, drawing attention to the voting problems of entire campaign. NCAA Football 14 Facebook page had filled with fake profiles, in order to stuff the voting box for their favorite school. Posts were found on Texas A&M, as well as other schools forums, discussing ways to create fake votes for the campaign. EA announced via twitter that they were aware and only “legitimate accounts will be counted”.

    Four days later, Denard Robinson was announced as the winner of the cover vote campaign.

    Discontinuation of the Franchise

    After lots of speculation in the sports media about a possible class action lawsuit against the NCAA by college football players who alleged they should receive compensation and benefits for their likenesses, the NCAA and EA Sports failed to come to a license renewal in the summer of 2013, resulting in EA announcing the new name of the franchise would be College Football.

    In September 2013, months after NCAA 14's release, EA announced that the NCAA Football franchise would be discontinued as a result of the license struggles that resulted in EA losing the license to all NCAA conferences, logos, teams, and other aspects of college football.


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