Near Death

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    Near Death? Don't Freeze.

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    After a plane crash in Antarctica, the player finds themselves stranded near an abandoned research facility during a deadly blizzard. They are alone and surrounded by darkness, temperatures far below zero degrees, and conditions that make it far too difficult to be rescued. The player then must seek a way out by exploring the Sutro Station, utilizing whatever tools they find along the way in the hopes of making it out and returning home. Near Death is not a survival game, but is instead a game about survival. Near Death matches the player up with a cruel and surprising opponent: Antarctica. Freezing to death in the darkness of polar night is always just minutes away from shifting from a fear to an actuality as the player makes an effort to reclaim the Sutro Station from the elements while fighting for their life in an environment that feels fairly far removed from reality and not at all like what is familiar.

    Near Death is a game that is hard to pin to just one genre, despite having elements that are similar to survival games. Near Death is not so much a survival game as much as it is a game about survival.


    • Open world navigation of an unforgiving and harsh landscape
    • Fully explorable Antarctic research station
    • Player tools suited to the frigid environment that allow for more unique gameplay. Paths can be marked with light trails when visibility is low, frozen obstacles can be melted down to yield ways to more supplies, craft pockets of warmth for heat, and more.
    • Snow, wind, temperature, and lighting will alter throughout the game with the dynamic weather system thus allowing for a variety of real Antarctic conditions; swinging from a raging whiteout to fleeting moments of stillness and calm.
    • Real-time temperature simulation. This allows for the environment to thaw and freeze from room to room based on the room's vulnerability to the elements, the layout of the building, the power within the base, etc. This allows the player the ability to create safe zones with various repairs.
    • Enhanced capabilities and increased resistance to the cold can be attained with various blueprints and schematics found within the game.
    • An original score that seeks to amplify the isolation of Sutro Station with chilling, ambient music.

    Don't Freeze.


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