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I'm playing this game on PC and it seems weirdly inconsistent about where it shows my friends.

When racing around the world, it correctly shows friend scores for billboards, speed cameras and lists the time to beat when starting the race. I can also see my friends in the multiplayer menu and the autolog recommendations in the easydrive are populated correctly.

However, none of my friends show up on the most wanted list, I just see myself and the most wanted NPCs that I'll have to beat. If I go to the map and page through to recommendations, I see an empty list which says "no friends".

Initially I wasn't sure whether it was meant to be like this but watching the quick look, I can see friends showing up in the most wanted list on the loading screen (e.g. at 09:10) which I don't see in my game. However, I do see the Autolog recommendation telling me who to beat (e.g. at 09:14) though it calls them my "0th most wanted friend".

Does anyone else playing on either PC or console see this issue?

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