How long until a price drop would you guess?

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#1 Posted by LEGOslayer (17 posts) -

I love the concept of this game but 60 bucks is too much for any game really. How long will it take for the price to drop to $30-40 would you gander?

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#2 Posted by Cameron (987 posts) -

Considering it has gotten mostly negative reviews and it's not a high-profile game... maybe a month, less on Amazon.

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#3 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

At gamestop probably a month. Amazon a week.

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#4 Posted by RainDog505 (161 posts) -

Would not be surprised to see Amazon shelling it out for twenty bucks in two-ish months. The forty dollar price tag will be hung around this game in a matter of weeks, though.

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#5 Posted by Aleryn (718 posts) -

Yup, within a month or sooner on Amazon.

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