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NeverDead 5

If you've been paying attention to the site you may remember that I was kind of looking forward to NeverDead, a game that first came to my attention at last year's E3 during the pre-recorded Konami press conference, where we saw a mental trailer in which a guy rips his own head off and throws it at someone in one scene, and then is conversing with a giant, green, buff, Shakespeare looking frog demon thing the next. It looked like exactly the kind of crazy I could get behind, and so I set my expe...

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Neat gimmick, somewhat bland game. 0

NeverDead isn't the best shooter in the world and it relies heavily on it's limb dismemberment, immortalprotagonist  gimmick to get on by. But for as long as it lasted I enjoyed my time with NeverDead. NeverDead puts you in the boots of bland bad-ass Bryce Boltzmann, a demon hunter cursed with immortality and terrible one-liners. The game feeds you some back story  about Bryce and his supporting cast, but it's not especially good and all the characters are quite dull. But I suppose the story ser...

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