New Rally-X

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released February 1981

    New Rally-X is the successor to Namco's Rally X. The game was originally released in 1981.

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    New Rally-X is effectively an update to Rally-X, released only months after the latter's original release and intended to be swapped into existing arcade cabinets by operators. Given that time frame, New Rally-X is more of a rebalance than an new game.

    Much of what is described in our own Rally-X page applies here, with the following changes:

    • The number of enemy cars per round starts smaller and scales more steadily per round than the original release.
    • The minimap shows the location of the S-Flag.
    • There is an additional Lucky Flag that provided bonus points based on the amount of fuel left upon the player finding it.
    • A second extra life is rewarded at 80,000 points instead of 100,000.
    • New background music.
    • Adjusted visual palette and sprites for vehicles.


    New Rally-X has been compiled or included in the following titles:

    A remixed version, "New Rally-X Arrangement", was included in Namco Museum Battle Collection.


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