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  • Bought it the day it came out, great game. Still play it sometimes.

  • Bought it the first day it came out, used to play it a lot every day, I don't play it as much these days.

  • Bought it the first day it came out but at the time my xbox was broken so I had to go to a friends house to play it. I liked playing the beta more for some reason, but it was a real blast a while ago. BTW: I suck at this game

  • Got it from a website that offers free games,, pretty good game but I liked the soundtrack in guitar hero 2 better.

  • Fantastic game, had to sell my PSP to be able to afford to buy it. My favorite guitar hero soundtrack to date.

  • One of the first 360 games I bought, I'm not sure why I bought it because it doesn't have any replay value and it has no multiplayer.

  • Stupid burger king game that I picked up just because it was so cheap. easy achievements though.

  • Another stupid Burger King game, the achievements in this one are pretty hard and the game isn't fun, but I did get all the achievements.

  • Got it from a friend for a birthday present, the singleplayer is pretty fun to play once, but the multiplayer is absolutely god awful. The multiplayer is horribly laggy and boring.

  • I bought this off of or something because I had a giftcard from my sister. Pretty fun game, I enjoyed playing through it, and a lot of the achievements are easy.

  • My very first xbox 360 game, I enjoy this game and I got all the achievements except for one. The one for qualifying for a tournament is incredibly difficult.

  • Got this one from a friend by trading it for another game. The AI of the enemies is great but the graphics and environments really show some age.

  • One of the best games on the 360. I have played this game so much that I got seriously legit but other than that I have also played infinite number of player matches, I really used to be addicted to this. Also got this game the day it came out.

  • Got this game from, beat it once and haven't gotten around to playing anymore, but I enjoyed it a lot.

  • I'm not sure why I bought this, I don't really like it at all. I find the game really quite difficult so I haven't played it very much.

  • The first really good FPS on the 360, I really used to like playing this game, but now no one really plays online.

  • Got this game from a XBL code my friend gave me because he didn't want or need the game. I enjoyed it a little bit, pretty fun.

  • Another Xbox code I got from a friend, pretty decent game.

  • I won this game on some gamerscore competition or something, I played it some, but its pretty hard.

  • Bought this game because I was really interested in trying it out. I loved the first couple hours or so, but then I found it got way too hard for me to keep going. It saddens me.

  • I don't remember why I bought this, pretty fun though. Got all but 1 achievements which i'll probably never get.

  • Got this game because I heard the achievements were easy, and indeed they were. Got all of them, still a pretty fun board game to play though.

  • My friend got this one for me, one of my favorite arcade games.

  • Bought this the day it came out because it was by the makers of Halo, I like the multiplayer but the singleplayer was waaaaaaaay too confusing which I did not like!!

  • The game that is free on Xbox live, its pretty horrible, its weird and not fun at all.

  • Another free game on xbox live that uses the xbox live vision camera. The game doesn't work well so I only played it once and hated it.

  • A pretty fun arcade game, I like how it has so much variety, I bought it one day for no reason.

  • A free game on xbox live, created as a project for interns at microsoft or something, the game turned out really good and im glad microsoft offered it for free.

  • The game that comes with the 360, I enjoy it a little bit, I got all the achievements.

  • Got this game when it was free on the xbox live marketplace, It's an okay game, gets boring after a while.

  • Great Xbox live arcade game, but really only has a lasting value if you want to practice getting a high score a lot.

  • Picked up this game when it was free on xbox live, It's a good game for free but its not worth 800 MS points.

  • I really disliked this game and i dont know why, I really enjoyed the first one, but I just hated this one.

  • I bought this game because it was happy tree friends, but quickly found out that the game was not my type of game, it didn't have much fun with it.

  • This game is alright, its kind of bland, not much interesting things.

  • Difficult game

  • Fun XBLA game, worth 10 bucks, fun to play with friends and easy achievements.

  • Bought this game when it was released for a cheap 200 MS points, got every achievement.

  • Easy gamerscore, thats pretty much the only reason to buy it.

  • I don't even like this stupid thing, but its an easy 200 gamerscore.

  • The only reason I bought this was for the easy 200 gamerscore, takes a few hours.

  • Sort of like Wario ware but not as many games and not as much fun. Relatively easy 200 gamerscore which was the main reason I bought it.

  • One of the best XBLA games, great to play online with your friends.

  • I describe this as Super Smash bros with guns. Definetly a must buy arcade game, I'm not sure why its not more popular these days especially now that its only 400 MS points.

  • I just recently got this, it seems pretty good but I haven't played it that much.

  • Fun game to play occasionally, but sometimes can present a great challenge.

  • Possibly my favorite arcade game at the moment, tons of fun, reminds me so much of the original.

  • Great game, tons better than the original because of all the new modes.