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295767 Astrogamer Game Overview 04/26/17 01:20PM 156 Approved
271557 DeF Game Overview 10/26/16 06:51AM 1 Approved
258173 DeF Game Overview updated LTD 07/27/16 06:38AM 1 Approved
244213 DeF Game Overview updated LTD 04/27/16 01:14AM 1 Approved
231669 DeF Game Overview LTD sales updated 02/02/16 06:53AM 1 Approved
104948 DeF Game Overview 05/07/14 03:11PM 6 Approved
104946 DeF Game Overview sales 05/07/14 03:08PM 1 Approved
88429 drwrong Game Overview 02/14/14 11:25AM 3 Approved
87269 drwrong Game Overview 02/05/14 11:06PM 3 Approved
65127 takashichea Game Releases New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U to be specific 10/24/13 07:43PM 1 Approved
65126 takashichea New Release 10/24/13 07:41PM 7 Approved
36535 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 06/15/13 11:05PM 5 Approved
35600 DeF Game Dlc 06/11/13 02:03PM 19 Approved
33196 DeF Game Overview 05/31/13 01:40AM 2 Approved
33182 DeF Game Overview Updates paragraph added 05/31/13 12:32AM 55 Approved
23167 admachina Game Dlc updated time frame 04/17/13 07:11AM 15 Approved
4712 rpwll Game Overview Updated with some more accurate info on the thrilling and captivating story of New Super Mario Bros. U. Truly one of the great stories of our generation! 02/17/13 04:49PM 10 Approved
2574 DeF Game Releases 02/15/13 06:05AM 8 Approved
2573 DeF Game Releases bunch of release details, resolution, players, etc 02/15/13 06:04AM 110 Approved
2569 DeF Game Overview First release date was messed up. Displayed 2013 instead of the real date. 02/15/13 05:46AM 16 Approved
2568 DeF Game Dlc developer, character added 02/15/13 05:43AM 20 Approved
2148 Marino Dlc Overview 02/14/13 04:28PM 7 Approved
529 RudeCubes Game Overview Added a few things. 02/12/13 06:31PM 13 Approved

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