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In the mid-22nd century, a new technology was developed allowing for faster-than-light travel through the usage of Einstein-Rosen bridges. Armed with this new technology, humanity spread its influence across the stars, colonizing almost a dozen worlds.

A mere decade after this initial expansion, the human colonists came under sudden attack by an unknown aggressor. Earth was invaded first, and almost immediately fell to the surprise attack. Humanity's leaders were dead before any of the colonies had realized they were under attack. It soon became apparent that the invaders were of extraterrestrial origin; they identified themselves as originating from the Prometheus star system. We named them, simply, "The Prometheans".

Now, after bloody three-year campaign, Rigel 7 is the last remaining outpost. They are the last free humans in the galaxy, and the last beacon of hope for the other colonies. It is up to you to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Fight across the galaxy, General, and drive the aliens back to where they belong!

For Earth! And all her colonies!



Tower defense
Tower defense
NextWar is a Tower Defense game. The aim is to prevent enemies from reaching your Headquarters by constructing towers along the path. At the beginning of each round, enemies will spawn at the beginning of the path. Once spawned, they will follow the preset path until they reach your headquarters (at which point your headquarters will take damage) or until they are destroyed.

You win the mission by surviving all enemy waves. You lose the mission if your headquarters is destroyed.

At the beginning of each round, you will also earn an interest payment on the amount of credits you have remaining at that time. This provides an incentive to save your credits when possible. Interest is upgradeable from the Headquarters.

Campaign Mode

The galaxy map
The galaxy map
The Galaxy Map shows your progress in the campaign. Your starting system is Rigel 7. It is your goal to fight across the galaxy, liberating each star system until you reach Earth.

Blue sectors represent areas under your control. Yellow sectors represent contested areas, and red sectors represent enemy controlled sectors. You can battle on systems in yellow sectors only. Once you liberate all the star systems in a yellow sector, it will revert to your command and become a blue sector. The next red sector will then become contested (turn yellow) and open to attack.

Each star system has an associated bonus that carries over to all future campaign missions. This bonus is unlocked once you liberate the system. For example, liberating the Capella system gains you a bonus of 250 starting credits in each subsequent campaign mission.


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