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    NFL Tour

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jan 08, 2008

    NFL Tour is the newest evolution and successor of EA Sports Big's arcade football NFL Street franchise. Developed by EA Tiburon with a less orthodox approach to the sport, NFL Tour strived to create a more accessible football experience.

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     NFL Tour features a more accessible take on the standard Madden game. While on offense, there is a myriad of special moves you can perform to aid you in dealing with defenders. Each face button represents an action your character can take to avoid being tackled, including a dive, a power tackle, a juke (Or wall run, if near one), and a lateral pass. Directly after tackles, there is occasionally a final opportunity to avoid the tackle, or to finish it, performed with a timed button press.

    Game Modes

     NFL Tour features a myriad of game modes, including standard exhibition and online play. The Tour mode features matches in locations around the United States that must be won meeting certain conditions. For example, while in San Francisco, only passing plays are allowed and first downs are 20 yards, instead of the standard 10. 
    The Redzone Rush mode features 1 on 1 play, switching off between attempting to score touchdowns and attempting to stop your opponent. Smash and Dash is another 1 on 1 extra-curricular mode that is reminiscent of arena combat. One player starts with the ball while trying to evade the other, your score is based on the amount of time you are in possession of the ball as well as bonus spotlights players run through to achieve additional points.


     NFL Tour was panned by the majority of critics, with a mere 49/100 score average on Metacritic. Many reviewers were unhappy with the campy attitude that the FMV and commentary attempted to achieve. The majority also claimed that the game simply did not have enough value to be worth the price at release.

    The Soundtrack

    • Aceyalone featuring Chali 2Na - "Easy, Lightning Strikes"
    • Airbourne - "Blackjack, Runnin' Wild"
    • All Time Low - "This Is How We Do, So Wrong, It's Right"
    • Biffy Clyro - "Saturday Superhouse Puzzle"
    • Black Tide - "Shout Light From Above"
    • E Da Boss featuring Gift Of Gab & Lateef The Truth Speaker - "Go Left Go Left"
    • Flo Rida - "Radio, Mail On Sunday"
    • L.A. Symphony - "Break It Down Unleashed"
    • Lupe Fiasco - "Superstar, The Cool"
    • Madina Lake - "Stars From Them, Through Us, To You"
    • MxPx - "Shut It Down Secret Weapon"
    • Project 86 - "Illuminate Rival Factions"
    • Rooney - "Paralyzed Calling The World"
    • Silverstein - "Bodies and Words, Arrivals & Departures"
    • The Almost - "Say This Sooner Southern Weather"
    • Young Dro - "Get It Bigga Than Life"
    • Zion I - "Don't Lose Ya Head"
    • Lil Wayne - "Got Money, Carter III"

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