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    Ninja Gaiden II

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 03, 2008

    The sequel to Ninja Gaiden; A high-difficulty, ninja-themed, hack-and-slash title.

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    Extremely satisfying, yet not for everyone 0

    Ninja Gaiden II is not much different from its predecessor. You play as Ryu Hayabusa, a 20-something ninja of the Dragon lineage. The story takes place six months after Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the DS, which in turn took place six months after Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox. The Black Spider Ninja clan (introduced in NG: Dragon Sword) and their leader, Genshin, steals a statue from Ryu's father. The story spirals into a one-man war against infernal creatures referred to as Fiends, as ...

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    An Important Game 0

    If I had to sum up this game in one word, it would be "important".Ninja Gaiden 2 is a breath of fresh air in a world of grey and brown filters and military fetishism. Similar to how Serious Sam & Painkiller showed up and laughed in the face of all the piss-easy, cinematic, shallow shooters, Ninja Gaiden 2 kicks down the door, slits the throat of all these action “games,” then nonchalantly flings the blood off its blades into a glorious splatter on the walls. The game is about timing…quick, p...

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    Being a Ninja at its coolest 1

    After a long 4 years with the Ninja Gaiden 1 iterations of Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Turbo and Ninja Gaiden: Championship Edition (where you place the bosses), Team Ninja has released the first totally new Ninja Gaiden game for a current generation system. The Ninja Gaiden series has been running since the late 1980's and has been doing very well for its self the past few years with its 3D re-imagining under the guide of Itagaki, however the future now looks a little rocky with his ...

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    A mixture of legitimately hard and infuriatingly cheap. 0

    Many gamers complain that games today are too easy. They feel that a game should last longer and be more of a challenge, especially for $60. Team Ninja must have heard this, since Ninja Gaiden II, their latest game, is the hardest action game made since Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. However, the game’s frustratingly hard difficulty has roots in both legitimately demanding situations and cheap technicalities that the development team did not fix. Ninja Gaiden II starts with Sonia, a promisc...

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    A beautiful, blood soaked frenzy or a broken, cheap mess? 1

    The original Ninja Gaiden was actually released as a reasonably straightforward arcade game in 1988, before it made the jump to consoles on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) later that same year. It immediately gained a reputation as a fiercely difficult action and platforming game which also showcased the first use of cinematic cut scenes to tell a story on a console. With time a lot has changed across Ninja Gaiden’s many iterations; the stories make even less sense; platforming has becom...

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    Ninjas are badass 0

    Ninja Gaiden II is a bloody mess. And I mean that in the best way possible. Practically the entire time you'll spend playing the game is filled with flying limbs, and geysers of blood. But the mess is all just for show. And while it's a good show indeed, the real heart and soul of Ninja Gaiden II lies in the same place it has with every other entry to this long-running franchise- its awesome action.Ninja Gaiden II is an action game, and it takes the meaning of the word "action" extremely literal...

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    Thrilling combat, but the game leaves much to be desired 0

    Steven BeynonEpicSteveGamertag: EpicBombNinja Gaiden II is an oddball, the game blends aspects that make it both a standout, and a less than great title. As fans of any previous Ninja Gaiden adventures would come to expect, you return to the role of ninja master Ryu Hayabusa rolling around the world hacking up evil demons, nefarious nameless ninjas, and random gigantic monsters. Fans can also expect that Team Ninja kept one thing in mind while developing Ninja Gaiden II, and that's the combat. W...

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    A game with so much potential that winds up being cheap 0

    The original Ninja Gaiden for the original xbox was a masterpiece of action game design. It was tight, the controls were near perfect and the action a blaze of sword weilding ninja mystisim. Ninja Gaiden 2 however, tries to follow on from its almost flawless predecessor, but fails miserably. Story is not this games strong point, but admittedly neither was it the first games, so that is not something you can really hold against it. It provides enough narrative to move the story along and generate...

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    The best weapon based fighting engine ever created. 0

    Team Ninja has taken an odd last step with their critically acclaimed action adventure/open world game Ninja Gaiden/Black/Sigma, in the form on Ninja Gaiden 2. The main focus of this game feels more like an Arcade game, then anything else.  You travel all over the world in pursuit of the demon statue in the hands of one of the greater fiends, to ultimately reawaken the arch fiend aka the devil. Why they want to do this? WHO THE HELL KNOW! It’s just an accuse to go kick some major ass for a 15 to...

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    awfully shiny and fun, just too damned hard... 0

    Okay so the now controversial final tecmo/itagaki game has released. we've all heard that he's quitting tecmo and suing the company. and much of the buzz about that has translated directly to buzz over ryu's latest adventure. Is it justified? well sort of.Let's get the inflammatory stuff out the way first. Itagaki has still released a ridiculously difficult game. Despite promises to the contrary Itagaki has released a game that only the dexterous uber hayabusa fans can conquer. Even path of the ...

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    Ranting and Raving About Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox Three Sixty 0

    First of all what is the deal with the camera? I know this this is kind of a dead horse issue but still, I mean, come on! There are times when it frames the action quite nicely, but when you move into a tight space the camera sucks. If you are fighting enemies that are surrounding you on all sides the camera sucks. When the game decides that in order to make things more difficult it needs to make the enemies larger so they are constantly out of frame the camera sucks. When the game decides for s...

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    Blood, Blood and Even More Blood Can't Cover Its Flaws. 0

    The GoodBloody, fast-paced action should keep you entertained. You can cut any monsters' limb. Superior animations make Ryu the best moving character around The new Obliteration technique is fun to perform and have deadly effects on your foes. The cutscenes are well made and fun to watch. The BadSometimes, the game's difficulty crosses the line into cheapness The environments lack detail and have dull textures. The shadows are not great and feels pretty static The story is just an excuse to mak...

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    Masterpiece!!! My right thumb hurts... 0

    If you're not ready to put the time and effort into this game, prepare for self-inflicted Obliteration very early on ;) even on the so-called Easy/Acolyte difficulty but if you do spend the time then it pays off big time! It's even better than Ninja Gaiden Black!Arguably one of the Top 10 games ever created! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Gameplay > Very unique and challenging, takes a while to ge...

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    This is strictly for my ninjas 0


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    Ninja Reviews Ninja Gaiden II 0

    I hoped this game would be much more of an accurate represetation of a Ninja. When I saw Ryu I instantly saw myself however I began to realise the game was not about being a Ninja and there ws very little stealth involved. The game however does contain alot of blood which dissapears which is a great concept meaning nobody can find trace of Ryu, I wish all my kills went that smoothley.The game plays well and killing in it is fully satisfying. It can however seem unbalanced with many bosses seemin...

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    Suggestion: spend more dev time on gameplay, less on boobies. 0

    My first experience with Ninja Gaiden was on the NES back in the early 90s. That was one hard game. The next NG title played was the remake on Xbox, and then the remake of the remake (Sigma) on the PS3. That was one hard game. The graphics, gameplay, pacing, and boss battles in both of these games, when taking into account the eras in which, and the systems for which, each was released, were top notch.Enter Ninja Gaiden 2 (for the Xbox 360).You're still Ryu Hayabusa, resident badass of the Drago...

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    Lots of fun, but dragged down by some frustrating problems. 0

    Have you ever wanted to feel like a human buzzsaw? If so, check out Ninja Gaiden II! In this bloody, action packed sequel, Team Ninja took what made Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox a fan favorite among hardcore gamers and built onto those elements. Unfortunately, it seems like the things people hated about the first are back, among other issues that will cause you much frustration.In Ninja Gaiden II, you again play as a badass ninja named Ryu Hayabusa. This time around, it's your job to stop the forces...

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    Bondage 0

    Ninja Gaiden 2 : An action adventure game where players control a bondage-clad ninja warrior and get immersed in a world where DD is considered pitiful endowment for a woman and demons and cyborgs work side-by-side to eviscerate you. Story : Ninja warrior Ryu Hayabusha goes on a revenge/save the world quest against some sort of empire-like evil that attacked his home village and is attempting to revive an ancient lord of hell. Along the way there’s some overly-endowed female character that doesn...

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    a worth sequel to Ninja Gaiden 0

    Players have been waiting 4 years for a true Sequel, that is Ninja Gaiden. Now, Ninja Gaiden 2 is here and continues the story of Ryu Hyabosa... some what. Ninja Gaiden 2 story can be forgettable since it's not very good. A new character, Sonia, looks for Ryu has she being attacked, and Ryu come to her rescue. Seems the leader the dark spider clan, Elizabeth, steals a statue and uses it's power to revive the Great Arch Fiend. The story is just not intresting, as there are a lot of parts you don'...

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    Blood, gore, tits -- what more could you want? 0

    Ninja Gaiden 2 is ridiculous, absurd and damn good fun. Its best quality is that when everything is working, when the camera isn’t screwing up, and when the game isn’t being obnoxiously difficult, it makes you feel like an absolute badass. Its worst quality is that, at times, the game can become an infuriating little bitch. The story is, basically, that you are Ryu Hayabusa, Dragon Ninja; some bad guys are going to release an overwhelming evil upon the world in the form of the Archfiend; you ha...

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    More like a test of patience than a test of skill. 0

    Ryu Hayabasa receives a message from a woman by the name of Sonia, that the Black Spider Clan are attempting to awaken the four Greater Fiends of legend in an attempt to destroy his clan. He encounters a woman by the name of Elizabet, and this later leads him back to his village which is soon under attack; Ryu pursues Elizabet and learns exactly what she's planning. -summary While I was re-playing Ninja Gaiden 3, I felt the need to go back in time and replay the first two games for the sake of n...

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    Masterful Combat But Lacks Coherence 0

    Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed reboot of the classic franchise, continues the saga of Ryu Hayabusa's relentless pursuit of justice. Released exclusively for the Xbox 360, this action-packed adventure promised to elevate the ninja genre to new heights. Developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden 2 was highly anticipated by fans of the series and action game enthusiasts alike. Now, let's delve deep into the intricacies of this title to discern whether it tr...

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    N.G. II increases the action, while decreasing the frustration 0

    I haven' t beaten Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I Play a lot of games, and try to complete them at least once. Tell that the the bosses on the xbox game , they would probably laugh until they exploded. In Ninja Gaiden II, play on Path of the Acolyte mode first. I was able to endure everything the game threw at me to make it to the last chapter.    NG2 Basically fixes all the problems that were in the Original Xbox version. Better Camera, more times to purchase healing items, More save po...

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    A Shinier version of the original Xbox version. 0

    Ninja Gaiden II received a large amount of hype before it was officially launched. After playing it I have confirmed my own doubts about this hype, it is completely unjustified. Why? Well for starters, the game doesn't do anything new...seriously, there is nothing in the game either technically or otherwise that has changed, save for the graphics. Many people may see this as a good thing and try to argue that it boils down to personal taste. True as that may be, not even the most die hard Ninja ...

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    Itagaki's last hurrah.... 1

    So Tomonobu Itagaki; everyones much loved, some what introverted man of modesty got around to finishing up Ninja Gaiden 2 much to the squealing school girl delight of many and it has a some what large pair of boots to fill. Ninja Gaiden wasn't just good, it was awesome and arguably (I said arguably people) the best action game of last gen. Finally, 3 years into next gen we can finally sink our teeth into the fully fledged sequel. Straight off the bat one thing is immediately obvious; Ninja Gaide...

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    Tough but Satisfying 0

    My first impression of Ninja Gaiden II was that it was just the same as Ninja Gaiden. This is true to a certain extent, but if once you get past the first chapter you will be surprised that this is a game in its own right. I won’t layout the story for you as it is not that relevant to the actual gameplay itself. You begin with only the basic weapons from the first game and go on to add others as you progress through the chapters. There are 14 chapters in all which gives you around 12-15 hours ga...

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    No other action game can perform to this degree of bloodshed. 0

    When Ninja Gaiden made its debut to the Xbox in 2004, it established itself as an instant classic. The explosive, bloody action, engaging story and punishing difficulty made it a must play game. So obviously, the bar has been set high for Ninja Gaiden II, the much anticipated sequel. While Ninja Gaiden II offers some improvements to the gameplay, the overall experience doesn't have the "instant classic" feel that as its predecessor carried. Nonetheless, Ninja Gaiden II is a superb game, and one ...

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    Packs a punch you'll remember. 0

    After adoring the first Ninja Gaiden, along with NInja Gaiden Black, the next instalment became my most anticipated game in years. After I finally got my hands on it, I played it relishingly, and finished it contemplating: is this as good as the first one was? This is a question I'm sure many players come reading reviews to ask, and most reviewers will say that it isn't, but all reviews don't really put it into words why it isn't, at least not as well as they should have. I have done my best to ...

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    Won't Win Over Any New Fans But Will Surely Keep the Old Ones 0

    The title pretty much says it all.  Yes, the camera can be frustrating.  Yes, the story is ridiculous (but do you really care?).  But the action is just as great as in NG:Black and the post-battle regenerating health and the obliteration techniques are welcome additions.  I have to mention that you'll still have to re-fight some bosses (ugh), and the game seems to take a difficulty spike around chapter 10 of 14 (specifically on the Way of the Warrior difficulty).  Ultimately, this a game for the...

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    Underrated 0

    I originally put off buying Ninja Gaiden II due to various reviews. But after finally deciding to buy it, I was very surprised to find out how great this game actually is. One thing that turned me off to Ninja Gaiden Black was the difficulty.  That game frustrated me way too much.  I expected Ninja Gaiden II to be the same.  For the most part it is, but by having more "possible" boss fights and more frequent save points, it really makes the game less frustrating.  Gameplay is nearly perfect. The...

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    It's sad to see a potential masterpiece pushed out the door. 0

    First I'm just going to say as a huge HUGE long time Team Ninja fan.This is the most dissapointing game I have ever played from them.Ninja Gaiden 2 is a revenge story filled with blood bath animations,amazing weapons and so and so graphics.Now a lot of revenge stories can be very well done and interesting.Sadly Ninja Gaiden 2's isn't.There is no depth at all to any of the characters.Thankfully there are some cool cut scenes involving the new Team Ninja babe Sonia.Let's get right down to what mak...

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    A difficult, combat-rich and bloody experience. 0

    Pros Fluid combat with a variety of combos. Slick presentation. Character models are excellent. Cinematics are impressive to watch. Cons Chest physics, no woman needs a chest that big nor with physics. Storyline is convoluted, confusing, and throw-away. Environments need more work. Achievements are unjust, and take a lot of time. GameplayAs Ryu, a ninja of course, in a storyline that doesn't matter, you're going to kill a lot of enemies. Over my span of an 8 hour game on the lowest difficulty,...

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    All in all this is a Ninja Gaiden game but...its kind of..mehh.. 0

    Being a sequel to Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden black most would say, this lives up to the reputation....atleast thats what it only achieves, Ninja Gaiden is the exact same blood spilling, head splitting, controller slamming game we all love...or hate.Ninja Gaiden 2's story is more of a push over...its not great and it dosent really achieve much in the end, Of course you play the role as Ryu Hyabusa a ninja from the Hyabusa clan and as well as the son as Joe Hyabusa (seems like they ran out of ja...

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    Not quite as good as the first, but still kick ass 0

    This is my first review so sorry if it sucks. Anyway, I like so many others enjoyed and played the hell out of Ninja Gaiden Black and was super stoked when the sequel was announced. I rushed out and bought it as soon as I could. Personally I really enjoyed the game; however this doesn’t mean that it lived up to all my expectations. To start off the combat is awesome. The weapons for the most part are fun to use. The combat is still fast paste like the original but now it is super gory, with sev...

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    One of the best action games to come out recently 0

    Ninja Gaiden 2 is one of the best action games I have ever played. The game plays like no other game and has a very simple but engaging story to boot with some great characters including some of the most evil people I've ever seen grace a video game. From the likes of Elizabet and the other fiends to Genshin (quite possibly the biggest bad ass in any video game) to the good guys of the game which include Ryu Hayabusa and Sonya the beautiful and buxom CIA agent who accompanies Ryu on his journey....

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    Super Ninja Ryu Hayabusa is back and bloodier than ever. 0

    The Good: If the core combat wasn't perfected before it certainly has been now, some of the best animations in the business, finally features real successive play , longer than the first game, improved interface, great boss fights, great new weapon additions, amazing cutscenes, incredibly brutal.The Bad: Water combat is more frustrating than fun, suffers from some performance issues, no stand alone challenge mode, some boring levels, the Ninja Cinema feature doesn't work very well.Since I had be...

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    Good game but not worth full price. 0

    Everyone likes a challenge, everyone likes ninjas and I’d imagine everyone would like scantily clad ladies. So you’d imagine Ninja Gaiden 2 would be a great game because it has all of these in large amounts but with a boring story, cheap bosses and a bad camera Ninja Gaiden 2 is a game that - for full price - can stay in the shadows.             Playing as expert ninja Ryu Hayabusa is a blast at the best of times. The simple joy of fighting multiple evil ninja footmen can’t be ignored especially...

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    Ninja Gaiden II Review - My First Review 0

    Ninja Gaiden II. When I first saw the game, it looked promising and fun. The first Ninja Gaiden was a lot of fun to play and, what is perhaps, one of the most difficult games I've ever played.  Despite being really difficult, it was one of the most gorgeous looking, and best playing games I've ever seen on the Xbox. With that said, there's a lot  of anticipation and excitement for the sequel. For the most part, NInja Gaiden II is a good game, but it's has some issues that prevent it from being t...

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