Best 3rd party Switch controller?

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Hello all,

I'm in the market for a new switch controller (probably 3rd party to meet my budget). I heard the guys mention one on the podcast but missed it's name. What do people recommend?

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Kinda depends if you're a d-pad or analog stick person. If you prefer d-pad, I would actually go for the 8BitDo M30 over their SNES-style controllers. The button layout isn't optimal for Switch but, damn, that pad is sweet.

Lots of people also swear by the Hori Pokken.

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I mostly use that Mayflash adapter with my PS4 controller. I've been thinking about picking up that new 8bitdo controller though, the one with the grips.

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i recently bougth the Nyko Core Switch controller to use on the PC and i have no complains. heard that connected to the switch bya bluetooth it has a bit of lag do probably one to avoid for fighting games

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