Buy a switch now...or wait for the "mini?"

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Let me preface this by saying I currently own a PS4 and enjoy it overall. However, I feel like a lot of games lately just don't draw my attention anymore. I can't put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's that I'm 32? I remember being younger and getting wrapped up in various games. My hope was that maybe diving back into the world of Nintendo would rekindle that excitement.

Anyway, I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the 64, and the Switch always seemed like a pretty cool concept. I kept telling myself to wait until there was a decent list of games that would be worth buying before making the jump.

The main appeal to me seems to be the portability. I bought a Vita about 5 years ago for the same reason, but it sort of just turned into a "ps1 classic" machine for me. Don't get me wrong, it's nice for killing time on a plane, but that's about all I use it for. I feel like the games on the Switch might be more of a draw since there is a lot of production value in them.

This leads me to my I wait for the "Switch Mini" (and hopefully a price drop) or jump in at the $300 price point. I don't really for see it being used a lot for cooperative playing, but the TV option would be nice I suppose. My wife isn't a huge gamer besides occasionally playing Until Dawn or our PSVR.

Also, here's a list that I've compiled for games that seem like good buys for single player.

  • Mario Odyssey
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Mario Maker 2
  • Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu (I'm a sucker for Pokemon Blue nostalgia)
  • Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
  • Civilization 6 (never got to play a Civ game and this seems like a blast)
  • Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
  • Mario Aces (I enjoyed Mario Tennis on 64)
  • Smash Brothers (I heard the "campaign" was almost 24 hours)
  • Zelda: Link's Awakening

So, Giant Bomb community, what would you recommend?

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If you've ever enjoyed classic JRPG's, then Octopath Traveler is definitely worth looking into. I really, really enjoyed that game when I played it and put sixty or so hours into it and I'm not alone in that opinion... but it's one of those games that some people really hate.

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@justin258: I've heard good things about it. That is one I would also like to check out.

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We'll probably find out pretty soon exactly what the mini is so waiting to at least see the differences isn't a bad idea.

Dragon Quest XI will probably make a great handheld game.

Bayonetta 2 is pretty good if you like that kinda game. I actually perfer Bayo1 but 2 is a worthy sequel.

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If you liked the Vita, you will love the Switch. The Switch is like the Vita, with incredible support behind it from Nintendo's library to third party games to indie games that will make you go "Wait, they ported this to the Switch? That's crazy!" Suspending a game, throwing it in the dock, and picking it back up a couple of days later is really great for playing games on the go or here and there. Also as somebody whose last real Nintendo consoles were the N64 and the Wii U (to play like 3 games), jumping into the Switch after all of these years has been nice. Like this year I'm going to play my first ever Fire Emblem and my first Pokemon game in 15+ years.

I would just say get one, although it feels like we are pretty close to at least an announcement for what the Switch Mini is going to be, it might be worth waiting and finding out for sure what's the benefit / trade off.

Presumably it will be out before Pokemon Sword and Shield in November, and they will announce it a month or two before it actually comes out. If history repeats itself, the 2DS launched with Pokemon X and Y in October 2013, and was announced about two months earlier. So maybe an announcement in August / September, and the Switch Mini launching in November. Which is soon-ish, but still a wait if you want one now.

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I'd buy now and join in on all the fun avaible.

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Since the Mini is apparently around the corner I suggest you wait and take advantage of a (potential) price drop.

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Unless you're really powerfully jonesing for it, not much reason not to wait for the Mini since it's apparently close.

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Probably smart to see what the "mini" is but personally I would not want a Switch with a smaller screen (assuming that "mini" = smaller).

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@mightyduck: I love how your post mirrors my own experiences. Last Nintendo console I've owned was a 64 and I too occasionally lose the gaming verve. For me personally July and August's release have tipped the scales for me and I fully intend to play Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Fire Emblem :Three Houses on release. So I finally caved and got a Switch recently, been playing Bayonetta 2, Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade among others. Super excited for next month.

Edit: If i wasn't clear enough, I'd say go with the current model. Not sure what the mini's specs entails but I feel like making a small device smaller might make it more appealing to some but I cant imagine it would be so divergent from the base model that existing controllers and docks would be incompatible. A nicer screen and a better battery are welcome upgrades but I think that's a device farther down the line.

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#11 Posted by FacelessVixen (2640 posts) -

I'm waiting for a Switch Pro, but that's just me.

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Thank you all for the feedback.

I'm toying with the idea of waiting to see if Amazon has any sort of deal on Prime Day. That might be a bit of a pipe dream though.

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See if there's any deals. It's a great console with some great stuff on it. And it is strengthened by being my preferred way to play some games (Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley etc)

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Just get the thing. Who knows if the Mini is real or coming out soon. In any case, I personally like having the detachable joy-cons and the dock so I'd prefer the current version over a hypothetical Mini without those things, but YMMV. Regardless, the Switch is my favorite console in a long, long time.

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I was waiting to see if there would be a cheaper TV only option or an upgrade, but they're going portable instead so... i guess i'm buying a regular Switch at some point.

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The on the go portability with big titles seems like such an awesome concept.

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Well you might as well wait for the mini as the original may drop slightly in price with a mini for sale as well.

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We don't have anything besides rumors that this thing even exists! Get the Switch (maybe wait for Black Friday if $300 is too much) and if you really want the Mini if it ever comes out, trade in the original towards it.

As for single player games, Mario Odyssey is awesome and gigantic, Pokemon was made to appeal to that Blue nostalgia you love, Tropical Freeze is apparently one of the best platformers in recent years (what I've heard, want to beat Returns before I play it myself), Mario+Rabbids is basically an XCOM game in Mario form, and Smash is stuffed with content. I'd go for those.

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The game i played to most on the switch is probably XenoBlade Chronicles, I really wish i liked let's go more but the almost forced motion controls getting more exp if you catch a pokemon with two controllers and other BS that they put in there to appeal to Pokemon GO folks really left a bitter taste in my mouth, and it's the first pokémon game i didn't complete.

And as far as CiV 6 go's on switch it's neat but it could really use the latest expansions i really hope the put them in there as DLC but i don't see them supporting that version any longer which is sad IMO. Kinda frustrating when your playing a game at home on pc on the latest version and you then need to play a version missing two expansions on the train (fair warning).

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@nicksmi56: You make a good point!

Toying with the idea of trading in my Vita stuff. According to Gamestop's website I should be able to get around $100 for everything, which would at least knock the price off a bit.

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If You're talking about the rumors of a possible mini Switch then maybe wait, but there are so many games to play on it at this point, though I do recommend getting a screen protector as that screen is very easy to scratch. The thing is these are rumors and it being July and Nintendo have yet to announce anything for the end of the year when it comes to hardware, so I highly doubt if it is coming it's going to be much of a significant change. My guess a New Switch would be like the New 3DS that adds so little it's not worth it.

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Well, I bit the bullet today and made the plunge. The b2g1 used same at Gamestop finally got me.

Picked up a Switch along with Mario Odyssey, Pokemon: Let's go Eevee!, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I had Mario Aces in my hand instead of Tropical Freeze, but I remembered quite a few people saying Tropical Freeze was a great platformer. I'm totally digging the games and console for sure. It's kind of nice and refreshing to play something low key and light hearted instead of the constant barrage of shooters that I normally play on PS4.

Still hoping to eventually pick up Mario Maker 2, Smash Brothers and Breath of the Wild.

The NES collection through the online service is a blast too. I know it's more of a novelty at this point, but I could totally see myself playing through a lot of the classic Mario games along with the original Metroid.

I feel like my Switch will definitely get a lot of mileage over the years that I've had my Vita.

Thanks for everybody who weighed in throughout this thread!

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@mightyduck: Gratz! Now get yourself an 8bitdo Bluetooth adapter ($8.00) so you can use your ps4 controller with it versus buying a pro controller and if you like using Bluetooth headphone get a audio transmitter that works with USB(docked) or USB C(handheld)or works with 3.5 jacks(both docked or handeheld). If you have already have headphones with a USB dongle there is a chance it might already work with the dock all you need to do to test this is just connect it and a audio bar will appear on the screen(seems to work for a number of PlayStation headphones with dongle. All these things are small and relatively inexpensive and they really add to the system to round out its usage.

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@merxworx01: That's awesome!

Do you ever run into any syncing issues when going back and forth between the Switch and PS4 with the same Dualshock?

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@mightyduck: At the moment my DS4 is strictly a switch controller so I haven't tried to jump between the two but it should be just a matter of re-pairing them. Just make sure you update the 8bitdo firmware by connecting it to a pc and doing a manual update or let windows 10 update the firmware for you.

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@mightyduck: Well, my post definitely didn't age well lol. Just curious, now that the Switch Lite is officially revealed, what do you think?

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I waited for this? Taking away the tv out option is a dealbreaker. Looks like I'll wait for the Switch Pro.

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If you want something just like the Vita the Switch Lite is a no brainer, it's $100 less and smaller so you got more portability. If you feel like you would use it as a console for some games then go with the original.

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@shiftygism said:

I waited for this? Taking away the tv out option is a dealbreaker. Looks like I'll wait for the Switch Pro.

Yeah, I can't believe they took this out. I was honestly a little interested in a Switch Mini because the current version just isn't at all comfortable in my hands, meaning it's pretty much only a TV console. But taking away the TV part breaks the entire appeal of the Switch for me - a powerful handheld you can plug into your TV? The thing the Vita should have been in the first place? That's one of the best things about the Switch and the one feature people were begging for throughout the 3DS's lifespan. With that gone, there's no appeal to this for me whatsoever, and I can't honestly recommend it to anybody, even those who never use the Switch docked, unless the thing was a good bit cheaper than it is now.

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I recommend the regular model. It's still plenty portable and the tv is the preferred method for me. Many I ndie games are fine handheld but no way does Zelda not deserve a nice big tv. Plus couch co op, however rare is honestly impossible with the little handheld

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The mini is just the cheaper version for kids, the original is still the one to get.

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@nicksmi56: Haha, no worries.

I am still happy with my purchase from last week. I love the TV mode and find myself using it a lot when I'm at home. The portable features were great while I was out of town this week too. My wife and I even found ourselves using the "tabletop" mode to play Mario 3 while on vacation.

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