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Non-Standard Difficulty Titles are a long standing tradition in gaming, particularly in the First-Person Shooter genre. Sometimes the alterations are subtle, such as in the Halo franchise, which features normally-named "Easy" and "Normal" difficulties, but "Hard" is replaced with "Heroic", and the hardest difficulty is "Legendary". More often then not, though, all of the difficulty levels receive new names, such as in GoldenEye 007, whose difficulty levels were, from easiest to hardest, "Agent", "Secret Agent", and "00 Agent", with a fourth ultra-hard mode able to be unlocked for each level, known as "007".

The most famous examples, though, lie in early FPSes such as Wolfenstein 3-D or Doom, in which the easiest difficulty levels tended to mock the players who chose them; Wolf 3-D's easiest mode was called "Can I Play, Daddy?" while Doom's was "I'm Too Young To Die".

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