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    Olcadan is a male character from Soul Calibur III. He teaches you different techniques in practice mode. He is an unlockable character.

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    Once, in an age of myth and legend, there was a man known as Olcadan who was skilled in every fighting style. 
    With only one exception that had ended in a draw, he was undefeated in an innumerable number of duels. Seeking a greater challenge, he turned his eyes to the gods. He fought and defeated a great owl that was the messenger for the god of war. The angry god cursed him, making his body like that of an owl. When they saw this, the people tried to obtain the god's favour by capturing Olcadan. With the help of a group of sorcerers, they were able to exploit Olcadan's desire to become stronger and capture him.
    The god of war appeared in the form of a headless owl and ordered Olcadan into a vast, ancient ruin that was deep beneath the earth. When he was unable to find an exit, he accepted his fate and fell into a deep sleep.
    The power of the Evil Seed finally awoke Olcadan from centuries of sleep and broke the seal on the ruins, allowing him to escape. Upon leaving the ruins the saw that the world had changed greatly since his era. But this fact bothered him little, for he knew that the source of the power that had woken him from his slumber must undoubtedly be the greatest powers of this current era.
    He learn to survive in this new world by teaching others the fighting techniques he had developed. Over the years, he also learned about this new era he had entered. He decided to return to the labyrinth and hone his skills that had been dulled by his long sleep. His goal was now to challenge the greatest opponents of this era. Those opponents were a pair of cursed swords that were young and weak in his time, but now had become weapons strong enough to challenge the gods.

    Soul Calibur III Ending

    Olcadan stands in front of Soul Edge and praises it for being a strong opponent. He then swings his arm at the sword. 
    • If the input command not pressed, he destroys the sword. It then shows Olcadan defeating enemies at a weapon shop. Deciding that there are no stronger enemies, he decides to train one himself, and drags the defeated foes away. The scene changes to the two men training while Olcadan watches. While he is looking away the two decide to join forces and attack him together, but they are easily defeated.
    • If the input command is pressed, Olcadan decides not to destroy Soul Edge. Instead he takes it to a weapon shop and sells it for a small amount of gold.

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