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OlliOlli 2 Years Later - Still Chill

Time. Is there a more pure metric of love than time? All gamers know what it feels like to fly close to the sun - the excitement, the elation, the entrancement - when it's new, yoo hoo, when it's old... mold. The honeymoon phase can be a real phenomenon. But what about those games that truly stand the test of time?

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliWood was released just over 2 years ago today. It is on a very small list of games which came out that year that I continue to actively play. This is possible for a number of reasons:

1) The simple mechanics and the speed of the game really create an addictive "Retry 1000" times loop reminiscent of Hotline Miami and its ilk. And yet, there is complexity in the more advanced moves that provide a really high skill ceiling for you to work towards.

2) Content.. There's so much content. The most basic mode in OO2 is all on its own so gigantic and challenging I still haven't finished the entire thing. One possibly slight against the game that will vary player to player is how easily you can live with yourself knowing there are some levels you'll probably never master. This aspect may drive completionists crazy, so fair warning!

3) It's chill. Everything from the music & colours to the poppy interface let you relax and just enjoy the ride. This seems at odds with the frantic speed and fighting-game-like input & motion mania you go through, but in fact it's a perfect balance. If the game was Thumper-like in it's presentation you might never stick with it. Instead it feels light, and there's no pressure.

4) Did I say fighting game? Let's roll that idea back to arcade game. This is a hell of a game to play with a *stick* and it's what really brought me back to it after that first honeymoon period. Especially if you are new to sticks, this game will really warm you up to the common inputs and motions. Give it a shot!

When games are inviting, relaxing and provide fun mechanics that are easy to get in to but very difficult to master - well, you've got a recipe for something that will stand the test of time. Check me in OlliWood - catch you on flip!

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