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Grand Theft Auto IV

Whenever the player wants to, he can visit the Tw@ Internet Cafés that can be found throughout Liberty City. When using a computer, the player is greeted with a desktop with two icons: "Web" and "Logout". By double clicking the "Web" icon, the player is taken to a fake, limited version of the internet complete with advertisements, dating, spam e-mails and all the other wonders of the internet.

Penumbra: Black Plague

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After having assembled the computer by finding the required parts, the p layer now has to install the drivers in the correct order. This is done by selecting which driver to transfer and clicking the transfer button. In other parts of the game, the player is able to go though folders and open various files on a desktop-like interface.


The game consist completely of using fictional Hacknet-OS. The game falls in simulator category and it uses many Unix/Linux terminal commands. Player has to use the terminals to hack to other computers to gain information and new programs to advance in the game.


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