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The next level of tower defense 0

While I can't say it factually, of course, I would like to think that the folks at Robot Entertainment spent countless hours playing numerous tower defense games to the point where they knew almost perfectly what works and what doesn't. I say this because Orcs Must Die! captures everything great about the genre while stripping away the bits that are outdated and cumbersome. Levels are short and varied and enemies never get more hp, run faster, or any of those usual tower defense tropes. In fact ...

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A title that once again proves that indie games should be taken seriously. 0

Has there ever been a title that so fully explained what's in store for the player than "Orcs must die!"? They must, because should they not you will. Not-so-long story short, master wizard tripped, hit his head and is now dead, his not-so-bright apprentice takes over when it comes to stopping Orcs from entering the rift, some kind of magical kingdom or something like that, there's also a mad witch leading the Orcs to battle and you must stop them before everything goes to hell.It's pretty simpl...

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Orcs Must Die! Review 0

There must have been something in the air for so many different companies to take the beloved Tower Defense genre and offer us so many fun and exciting variations. Coming right off of my Sanctum review I was eager for more and since Dungeon Defenders was still a couple weeks away Orcs Must Die! filled the role perfectly. Where Sanctum put you into an FPS wrapped in tower defense, Orcs Must Die! wraps tower defense in a magic filled third person shooter with a somewhat unique take on the towers t...

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Lots of fun. 0

I found this by accident and just bought it. The best 15 Dollar I invested since Bastion. This game gets far less attention then it's deserve. For me this was much more fun then Dungeon Defenders. 24 levels, lots of traps, upgrades, spells and thousands of orcs keep the fun going for quite a while.The first person perspective and "hack and slay" part unlike in other games do not hinder oversight or are in any other kind of way a hindrance. In fact for me it was a nice addition. Watching orcs bei...

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Pretty Fun 0

Orcs Must Die! is a surprisingly fun game. I picked it up on Steam while it was on sale and played it intensively for days and off and on since (a couple weeks).The premise of the game is that you're a warmage (dude) who sets up traps and/or uses your weapons and magic to defend "the Rifts" from orcs that want to get through them -- fairly standard tower defense fare, but with "traps" instead of "towers". The levels grow and become increasingly elaborate and interesting, and you're free to pursu...

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Great Tower Defense 0

I am a little disappointed that the Giant Bomb did not pay more attention to this game but it was actually one of my favorite games of this year.Firstly it is very funny, and not just the dialog and the story (although those are pretty funny) but the actual traps themselves. Seeing an Orc going flying into a giant pit of acid, hilarious. Also you start the game with some amazing traps, and somehow every level the traps get more interesting and funnier. Finally the game difficultly is just about ...

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