Do you ever listen to video game music/soundtracks?

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I'm talking downloading/purchasing a soundtrack and listening to it on your iPod or in windows media player, maybe even a different game! 
So what are your thoughts on this? 
Do you like to listen to any soundtracks in particular? 
If a sound track is great, I often listen to a couple of my faves in everyday life, and I love listening to ambient stuff.. like some of the tracks from Half-life 2 are cool, and some creepy to listen to..  
I also love it when a game comes packaged with its soundtrack, and I love the fact that if you buy Audiosurf on steam you get the entire orange box soundtrack AND the half life 1 soundtrack in mp3 format to use in-game or to listen to elsewhere, i wish this was a more frequent occurrence.

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I have well over a thousand songs from video game soundtracks on iTunes. 
So yes.

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Got a few on my mp3 player all the time and some are in my playlist standard.

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 Yea, ost is what I listen to most, Nier's ost is pretty good and I didn't play the game nor planned to. I listen to the Silent Hill osts and songs, but I haven't played Homecoming and Origin. 
Nowadays I'm more excited at good osts more than the actual games itself. I can't wait to listen to all the ffxiv tracks but I'm at the moment not enjoying the game, I'm not planning to play Castlevania but I really enjoy the music from the trailers, so I'm planning to listen to that as well, I'm not sure if Shadows of the damned will be good, but I know the ost will be.     

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I love listening to game soundtracks. Castlevania: LoS is my current favorite. The soundtrack to Elemental: War of Magic isn't half bad, and I still love listening to the tracks from Wrath of the Lich King.  
Other soundtracks I enjoy: 
Ago of Conan 
Baldur's Gate 
Dragon Age 
Mass Effect 2 
Starcraft 2 
Diablo 2 
and probably a ton I'm forgetting.

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Yeah, sure I listen to video game soundtracks. Not very often though. Stuff I've been listening to is from games like MGS, ME1, ME2, just as a couple of examples.

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All the time. Sometimes you just want some music that isn't on the Radio 24/7 :)

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All the time.  GTA stuff, only theme song is MGS4 theme that I have on my iPod.  Oh and the Mafia 1 and 2 themes.

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I have quite a few. 
Read Dead Redemption's is particularly excellent.

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Constantly. Donkey Kong Country 2 is probably my most played album.

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Yes. For example, recently I've been listening a lot to Flower's soundtrack. Whatever you think of that game, the soundtrack is outstanding.
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Sure. The Ocarina of Time soundtrack is one of my favorite's. I also enjoy Street Fighter Theme songs; even know a few of them on guitar like Guile's and Ken's.

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Just NES stuff.  The composition they had to do get around the limitations of that thing and have it make any musical sense is crazy.  I think it was like 3 or 4 monophonic voices. 
I challenge someone to convince me there is more "metal" music in the world than the Castlevania 3 sound track.

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I just signed up for an Itunes account (I so prefer to buy my music on an actual disc, but not everything can be gotten that way anymore) and bought the Starcraft I and II soundtracks last Friday. 
Other than that I have soundtracks from: 
Echos of War (The re-recorded Blizzard cd compilation with music from Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft) 
Ice Wind Dale 
The Witcher 
The Total War series (The cd that came with the Total War Eras package 
Europa Universalis III (actually already had the game, but when I found it, the Collectors Edition with the cd was like 15$ so I re-bought the game just for that) 
Also, although I don't own the game, this track had me going for a while (From Blood Bowl)

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I listen to a lot of video game soundtracks. They are good background music for writing. ^_^
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The majority of what I listen to is actually video game soundtracks.

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I love video game and movie soundtracks !! So yes.

I listen very often to game soundtracks like :

1) Assassin's Creed 2

2) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

3) Splinter Cell Conviction

4) Red Alert

5) Rome total War

6) Medieval total War

7) Call of Duty Modern warfare 2

8) Fallout 3

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