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    The Orz are an alien race from Star Control. They first appear in Star Control II.

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    The Orz are creatures from another dimension who have settled on  the planet Gamma Vulpeculae I, which was once Androsynth territory. They will become enraged when asked about the fate of the Androsynth race, which mysteriously disappeared as soon as the Orz arrived.
    Due to the fact that their language is extremely alien, the player's own translator will have problems deciphering Orz speech, with asterisks to denote words that could not be properly translated. *Dancing*, for example, seems to be a substitute word for combat or conflict.

    They also seem to prefer staying in this dimension than their true homeworld; when asked  why they left their dimension the Orz will say "the other place is *hurt* Orz too much tired for keeping together". They are enemies with the Arilou, who will often warn the player that the Orz are dangerous and cannot be trusted.
    There is speculation that they are, in fact, projections or manifestations of an incredibly large entity, as the Orz refer to themselves as "one with many *fingers*" while they refer to other races as *many bubbles*.


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