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Nothing grand, nothing horrible. 0

Pain is my first taste of a PSN Exclusive game, having recently gained access to a PS3. It really isn't a bad game, to be honest. It is very easy to pick up and play, yet is complex enough to warrant me coming back to it once in a while. Its level design is vibrant and functional, and its characters are quite visibly interesting. However, after playing with it for a while, it starts to to loose its luster a bit, with unclear objectives and excessive pay walls.   Overall, it is worth the initial ...

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Pain is a very... incomplete game, Pain seems like its missing alotta things, almost immedaitly after booting up the game it seems like  the developers purposly left thinds out ranging from everything from, characters too entire levels, obviously with the intention of releasing more stuff for DLC making this games initial price point (9.99) a little steep. And with all the incoming DLC in the form of unlockable characters, new locations, and modes this game could prove to become very expensive. ...

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bombombombombombombom 0

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A neat, destructive sandbox billed to the gills with DLC 0

When I was younger, I played all sorts of games, from Mario to Rock Band to Halo, and even Superman 64. While I enjoyed a fair amount of the titles I played, the games I had the most fun with were the ones where your character ragdolled all over the place upon death. Yep, I was HUGE into games with physics back then, especially games that used Havok, but as fun as it was watching John-117 ricochet spectacularly between sharp rocks off the side of a cliff, none of those games really captured what...

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Hillarious fun that never gets old 0

Shooting people out of a slingshot is great fun and never seems to get old.  Part of that might be due to all of the modes available to keep things interesting.  The game comes with several single and multiplayer modes including a general High Score mode as well as Spank the Monkey, Mime Toss, and PAIN Bowling.  There is also a free update that adds Fun with Explosives.  All these modes also have several levels of difficulty that can be quite challenging to keep you interested as well. ...

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