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    Painkiller: Resurrection

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 27, 2009

    Developed with a Catholic priest advising, Painkiller returns in this new sequel.

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    The sequel to the first Painkiller game, Painkiller: Resurrection is an intense, fast-paced first-person shooter in which you fight hellish demons and massive screen-filling bosses. In addition to the single-player adventure where the player is caught in Purgatory and must battle the forces of Hell, the game also includes a multiplayer component. In addition to the standard competitive multilayer modes you'd expect in any modern first-person shooter, Painkiller: Resurrection will include a co-op mode, a first for the series.

    The single-player game meanwhile will take players even deeper into the war of the Spiritual, taking place once again in Purgatory, the realm in between Heaven and Hell where souls await judgment. This time players will be thrown between a much larger war between the two realms of Heaven and Hell and get to experience more of the ongoing conflict between the various Heavenly and Hellish factions. Both of which will be pining for the services of Wild Bill.

    The game uses an improved version of the Painkiller engine which has been augmented to include new features such as motion blur and dynamic lighting. However the same style of the previous game's graphics is mimicked here with art design coming from the famous Austrian artist Peter Siedi. Painkiller: Resurrection was released on October 27, 2009 for PC with a possible Xbox 360 version following at a later date.


    Wild Bill Sherman is an assassin who works for the Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA). As part of his line of work, he must not only rid the world of some true scumbags (such as weapon smugglers and drug lords) but also assassinate the political rivals of his employer's. Something that even he is uncomfortable about doing. But it's his job.

    On one such occasion, Wild Bill is carrying out his mission of assassinating a high-priced target and the target's body guards by planting C4 explosives on their parked car . . . at a church. But then the unexpected happens. Just as the target is approaching it's doom, a school bus comes driving down the parking lot towards the car rigged with explosives. It parks just beside the car. Bill's conscience will not allow him to assassinate an entire school bus full of innocent children. So in a true burst of compassion, he screams out a warning and races towards the bus.

    But it is too late. The C4 goes off. The massive explosion kills everyone in the blast radius. Bill is thrown across the street by the blast. And there in the middle of the parking lot . . . he dies. Now the game begins.

    Single Player

    After death, the player will find themselves in front of the church they just died at. However the world is not the same. The church is still there, but now it has deteriorated into an oddly proportioned building of fear. The entire world around you is now mysterious and dark, as if danger can lurk around every corner. And indeed it does. Demons will attack from all around you. It will be up to Bill to find out where he is as the mystery unfolds.

    The single-player game this time around will go deeper than ever before. In addition to finding health packs and weapons around the environments, Bill will also find small artifacts, documents and voice-over clips that will shed more light on the game's storyline and the mystery around you. Eventually you'll discover a new purpose for fighting and the storyline will unravel to reveal new layers of meaning. The developers promise that this game will be much more story-focused than before with cut-scenes that will shed light on the happenings as well as what is mentioned above and other small details that will add to the world and the lore of Painkiller.


    All the additions that were added to the first game in various mods like the popular "Blowfish" or PK mod will be included in Painkiller Resurrection right out of the box. That includes spectator modes and bots.


    The Painkiller will once again take center stage and be available from the outset. The gun features two firing modes. In the main firing mode the weapon shoots out small blades that can turn enemies into mincemeat at close range. The secondary firing mode shoots the blades outward from the sides. You can then fire lasers at the enemies in the direction of the blades or hit the secondary fire button again to recall the blades of death which can then be used for melee attacks.

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