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    Palutena's bow

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    A bow that belongs to Palutena, but given to Pit. In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, it can be split into two scimitars.

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    In the Kid Icarus Franchise

    Pit was trapped in the underworld after Medusa invaded Angel Land. At the same time, Palutena was locked away in the Palace in the Sky. She then used the last bit of magic she had to give Pit her bow. Sadly, the bow is fairly weak, but if Pit can prove himself to Zeus in the Sacred Chambers (by showing destroying many enemies), then he will be given Power Arrows, which are stronger. However, there are still stronger weapons than this. If Pit can prove himself a second time to Zeus in the Secret Training Chambers, he can choose one of three weapons, each with different advantages. The Sacred Bow, especially, happens to be an improved version of Palutena's bow.

    In the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Game

    According to the trophy information, Pit was given the bow after Medusa's takeover. However, Pit only used standard arrows with Palutena's bow, but he can use Light Arrows with this bow in Brawl. This is still a relatively weak weapon nonetheless. In Brawl, it was given an additional ability to be split into two scimitars or joined back together to use as a bow, either action can be performed very quickly. Pit uses this bow with his standard special move, but it becomes two scimitars when he uses other moves. Also, as you can see in the default image, there are two golden glowing rings around the light arrow. The rings are usually worn on Pit's wrist, but when he's charging his bow, they slide onto an arrow. Unlike Link and Toon Link, Pit cannot hold the charge on his bow forever, and will release the arrow eventually. However, his arrows fly faster, and he can change the direction of his arrow while charging (he can aim up, backwards, or forwards), or curve the direction in midair after releasing it. It does around 5% damage when uncharged, and 11% damage fully charged.

    Brawl Trivia

    • If the player has proper control of Palutena's arrows, then they can make the arrow curve in a complete circle if they can avoid going off screen as well.
    • If two arrows hit each other, they will cancel each other out.
    • In Super Sudden Death, he can KO other characters with a fully charged arrow at a little less than 300%. He can also KO them with an uncharged arrow, but at a little less than twice the other percentage.
    • Pit's standard special move with this bow is one of the few moves that can do a one-eighty and three-sixty degree switch. Changing direction won't affect the attack power.
    • It's faster, but it is still a weak weapon.

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