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I started playing this game yesterday after I finished my last run through the D3 beta. I had been watching it for a while and waiting for a beta invite. After D3 though I was a bit desperate to continue fragging mindless things so I decided to pony up the 10 bucks to get early access and I could not be more pleased. I fell out of love with the old isometric point-click-kill dungeon crawlers back shortly after D2 came out and really haven't payed them much mind since. Even D3 sat far back in my mind up until this past weekend. I had seen coverage but no matter what it was always a "Been there, done that." sort of deal. Now after logging in 12 hours in D3 and about 8 of POE I must say that the boys over at Grinding Gears have certainly done a remarkable job. This game is going to be my new crack for quite a long while I am sure. :)

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