How is Rising Storm?

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I have RO2 and kept with it for a few months, but it just got a little too slow for me. I don't want something as "actiony" as CoD, but a middle ground. I've heard mixed things about the strength of the community also. I'd like to join an online community that has some staying power for my FPS itch.

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I feel it scratches that particular itch when it arises. Something not so slow that it's grueling, but something very tactical and makes you think about your shots and your cover.

The servers I've randomly hopped on have always been fun, but I'm not really entrenched into the community as a whole.

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I'm no veteran player, but from experience I believe Rising Storm is definitely faster in pace, I'm not sure if it's because there's a bit more semi-auto weapon class slots and tighter maps. Hell, the US rifleman class Springfield rifle could fire much faster than the other rifles. Also, flamethrowers/katana (banzai charges) seem to encourage more rushing.

What I would say is that I enjoy the RO2 maps much more. Although there is one beach landing map that is quite fun to play, I only remember having one really great match as attackers on one map, just pushing and doing all the right things. Those experiences I had so much more frequent in RO2.

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Rising Storm can be very merciless, especially if you play as the USA because you're normally on the attack and suspect to ambushes and snipers. It can be a frustrating game, but also alluring in the fact that you have to play smart and work with your squadmates to even push forward let alone take out some enemy. I like it, but it isn't a game of instant gratification.

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