I bought two origin humble bundles so enjoy some free games.

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Somehow i bought two humble bundles, i'm not bothered to ask for a refund plus id rather the dev/charity get a tiny bit of my money. I though i'd post them here because anything Giantbomb is awesome so enjoy the free games oh and if it matters these were purchased in Europe.

As a side note there are two copies of certain games so share and don't take both keys of the same game.

Steam Side

Dead Space Steam Key IYLLY-BIKT2-HKNYQ

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Steam Key G0GDW-V7NXL-7WTH4

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Steam Key AFJJK-CQE70-3NDGY

Medal of Honor Steam Key 7BDGP-TJAWV-CVJKV

Mirror's Edge Steam Key 8PB70-2ZBH2-CD936


Dead Space Origin Key 6W7F-K239-RQ2J-NEQU-LK8F

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key H6PX-QWVP-UCQS-AZDK-6YDX

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key GSEW-ZZFA-P9ZZ-24RH-4Y9X

Dead Space 3 Origin Key E9P7-EGMY-R5UL-BYC8-7922

Medal of Honor Origin Key E49H-5DEG-MJL7-X35W-P3XQ

Mirror's Edge Origin Key 38NN-YB26-ZRHB-EYM5-3JAX

Sims 3 Starter Pack Origin Key 5RMZ-9MJH-8DXS-8G3W

Battlefield 3 Origin Key EZE6-XM9L-QEXT-U3KF-LH8K

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#2 Posted by sulc84 (20 posts) -

noooo,battlefield 3 gone :(

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Thanks alot! I got Dead Space!

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Too late for me :(

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