Infestation: Survivor Stories Game and GC Sale

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#1 Posted by WalkerStalker (3 posts) -

Hey there survivors!

Want to pick up Infestation: Survivor Stories, but don't have the dough? How does over 70% off MSRP and 30% off GC sound?

Give the gift of unspeakable, undead terror wrapped in a post-apocalyptic package without breaking the bank.

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#2 Posted by SteamRickroller (318 posts) -

First post.

Promotes Infestation: Survivor Stories

Uses art from game as avatar

Username is named after skill from game


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Hey there. You don't have to be a zombie (man, I should write copy) to see that this is a promotional thread, strictly prohibited by our forum rules. Good luck with your sale and game, friendly marketing person.

Locking this down.


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