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    Pebble Beach Golf Links

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released March 1994

    An enhanced update to the original golf simulation game of the same name, featuring new higher-definition graphics, an updated user interface (including a new Swing Gauge), and video commentary for each Hole.

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    True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links (not to be confused with the original game, and known in Japan as T&E VR Golf: Pebble Beach no Hotou) is a behind-the-back golf simulation game developed and published by T&E Soft for the 3DO in March 1994.

    It is an enhanced version of the original game of the same name, featuring higher-definition graphics, a new interface, video commentary that describes each Hole, and a new simplified Swing Gauge (which is now super-imposed over the golfer and resembles more like the one used in the Links series). The game engine and style would later be used for other updates to the True Golf Classics series (both on the 3DO and on other platforms of the era).

    The game was later ported to the Sega Saturn throughout 1995. Released by Sega as Pebble Beach Golf Links outside of Japan (and Pebble Beach Golf Links: Stadler ni Chousen in Japan), this version features video commentary by professional golfer Craig Stadler (who can also be used as an A.I. opponent).

    It was later ported to arcades (using the Saturn-based Sega ST-V hardware) in 1996 exclusively in Japan as The Great Shot: Pebble Beach Golf Links, making it the only game in the series to be released in arcade format. It was also ported to the Super Famicom (as Pebble Beach no Hotou NEW: Tournament Edition) in Japan on September 13, 1996, and for the Sony PlayStation (released by Soft Bank as Pebble Beach no Hotou PLUS) in Japan on December 13, 1996.


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