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    Peggy Hill

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    Peggy Hill is the wife of Hank and mother of Bobby. She hails from Montana but calls Texas her home.

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    Margaret Platter, better known as Peggy was born in Montana, Canada to Doc and Maddie Platter and she has a brother named Hoyt. Her family mainly her parents weren't very close to her and even for her brother can't withstand Peggy with the abuse of relationship with each other. Peggy moved to Arlen, Texas where she meets Hank Hill at High School as two of them have a romantic relationship, by the time then they both got married and she gave birth to her son Bobby. She loves her family such her husband Hank, son Bobby and she's very close to her niece Luanne as she's taken her into hospitality because her brother Hoyt becomes a criminal as his job was working on a Oil Rig and she gets critized by her father-in-law Cotton has strong hatred for her as he's refers to her 'Hank's Wife'. As Peggy is disliked by the neighbours in Arlen exception for Bill who is an admirer to her, she is close friends with Nancy and Minh.

    Peggy's occupation in life that she's a full time Substitute Spanish Teacher where she won many awards before due to her graduation at University and she is a temporally Estate Agent.


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