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    Pirate Goom

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    Pirate Gooms are Captain Syrup's henchmen. They are never seen without a weapon in hand.

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    Pirate Gooms are members of the Brown Sugar Pirates. They can generally be spotted walking back and forth aimlessly holding a spear out in front of themselves. Whenever they reach the edge of a platform, they do an about-face and head back in the direction that they came from.

    In Wario Land II Pirate Gooms changed their weapons of choice from spears to tridents, and began wearing bandannas on their heads. They also became known as "Spear Men," and came in a variety that was many times the size of a normal Pirate Goom. This giant enemy made repeated appearances throughout the game as a level-ending boss, and also appeared as the very last enemy in the game. Their normal behavior did not change however. A trio of Pirate Gooms acted as servants to Captain Syrup. They assisted her in her mission to rob Wario's castle and cause general havoc inside it, and were with her the entire time as she fied with his riches.


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