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    Planet Michael

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Q4 2011

    A free to play Michael Jackson MMO. It is the first of a long line of virtual worlds featuring artists produced by SEE Virtual Worlds.

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    The premise of the game is to have a playable virtual universe that embodies Michael Jackson's music. SEE Virtual Worlds designer Josh Gordon stated "We put a focus on something that will truly allow fans to immerse themselves in a Michael Jackson-like universe or music-video-like world and interact with each other and then go on adventures and do gameplay stuff and socialize." The estate of Michael Jackson released a statement saying that "We believe this online social gaming experience will bring the most passionate Michael Jackson fans together with those just discovering his artistry in a unique environment where they can celebrate his music, his art and his devotion to helping those in need."


    Specifics of the gameplay and what the player will actually spend time on remain unclear for the time being. When explaining what the player does in the game, Gordon said "The player is more apt to succeed in a situation using song, dance and adventure as opposed to violence." Therefore, it is likely that the gameplay would center around more lighthearted tasks similar to games such as Free Realms
    It is known that players will have customizable avatars, and some clothing will likely be inspired by the more famous outfits that Jackson used in his live performances and music videos. Planet Michael will also feature some items that can be purchased with real money through microtransactions.

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