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    The PlayStation 3 (often abbreviated PS3) is the third home video game console created and released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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    If anything goes according with what everybody think, today is the day that Sony announces the new PlayStation, whether it will be “PlayStation 4” or “PlayStation Orbis” or even “PlayStation Focus Testing Great Next-Gen Console Name” today maybe the beginning of the new generation of consoles.

    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 3

    So I thought it would be a good exercise, for me, to think about the PlayStation 3 and the things I thought it did right and that I loved and the things it did wrong and that should be fixed for the next console.

    I bought the PlayStation 3 on launch day, 23 of March of 2007, and it is been my number one console for the last 5 years, despite having a Xbox 360 since 2009 that I bought with the intent of playing Fable 2 and the Xbox exclusives like Gears of War and Alan Wake.

    Let’s start then:

    I liked – Exclusive Games:

    Let’s face it exclusive games is for the most part what makes you buy a console, if you love games like Halo or Gears you would buy a Xbox 360 and if you like Uncharted or InFamous you would buy a PlayStation 3. In this regard I've loved the PS3 exclusives, Uncharted is one of my favorite franchises and one that I think marked this generation of consoles. Sony has bet on exclusives and for me it won the bet, the number of great games that you have exclusive on PS3 speak for itself, whether it is Uncharted or InFamous or Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet the choices are plenty and are great.

    It took Sony 6 months to launch a game that I liked, it turned out to be the first in my favorite franchised of this generation.
    It took Sony 6 months to launch a game that I liked, it turned out to be the first in my favorite franchised of this generation.

    I didn't like – Launch Lineup:

    As I said I bought the PS3 day one but the first game that I've bought was Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in September, it took 6 months for a game to really catch my attention. I think that the launch lineup for the PS3 wasn't that great I can only remember 2 games, MotorStorm and Resistance, and even that 2 didn't make an impact on me. I think that Sony has to present a strong launch lineup of games day one, Uncharted 4 new IP from Sucker Punch or even The Last Guardian would be a great lineup and something that could prove essential for the success of the new console from the start.

    I liked – The possibility of swapping the HDD

    This was a great feature for PS3, it allowed users to swap HDD for a bigger drive then the PS3 had, for me it allowed me to swap the 60 GB HDD for a 320 GB without spending too much money. I think that this is something it should continue to the next console.

    I didn't like – The controller:

    I love the DualShock but I think it has to improve in order to compete with the Xbox controller, manly I think Sony should fix the triggers, that are really bad they become they become way too sensible that the slightest touch counts as a pressing of it, and the analog shouldn't be rounded so they don’t become slippery in long sessions of gaming.

    No rumble and bad triggers marked the SixAxis controller, at least they fixed the rumble.
    No rumble and bad triggers marked the SixAxis controller, at least they fixed the rumble.

    I liked – Backwards capability

    I didn't have a PS2 and so this feature was awesome to me it allowed me to play games that I had been anxious to play but couldn't games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 and Final Fantasy X, it also allowed me to be introduced to God of War, a franchised that I didn't know and I loved the first two games. This feature should be on the next console in my opinion whether it would be by playing the Blu-Ray or by cloud gaming I think it’s important to have access to PS3 games, and it would make the transition to the new console easier.

    I didn't liked – XMB

    I don’t mean to say that the XMB sucked, I liked its concept and design but I think it has to improve greatly manly the interaction with other players and friends. The new console should allowed cross-gaming chat, it should make easier for the player to play games with his friends the way that you set up games with friends is quite complicated.

    I liked – PlayStation Plus

    This is for me one of the great things that Sony did this generation, to give player’s access to games with a subscription that is accessible to all, discount and other benefits it showed that Sony cares about digital distribution and, for me, Sony and Valve are the two companies that are making us believe in a digital only future.

    A great service, good on you Sony.
    A great service, good on you Sony.

    I didn't liked – Constant updates

    The PS3 wasn't that stable in the beginning, every time I turned my console it seemed that a new update had to be downloaded. Sony has to launch a stable console in terms of firmware, and also the firmware that eventually it had to install should be downloaded and installed in the background, for you to turn on your console and only 30 m later (if everything went well) started playing games is really bad.

    That’s it, this is my thoughts about the PS3 it has been a great console but like everything it has ground for improvement. I didn't mention on the list but I think that the launch price for the PS3 was excessive, it didn't stop me for buying it but in this new economy that we live if the price is the same it could make harder for Sony to reach mass market, the gamers will find a way to buy it but other consumers will wait for a drop price and this could mean a rough start for the new PlayStation. I don’t know what the future holds for the next PlayStation but I think that if Sony is paying attention to what players want we will see some great improvements.

    See you soon.

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    I tend to agree with you here. That leaked prototype looks like the controller you describe.

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