Warhawk and Starhawk

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Hey im looking to purchase these games however i need to know are both these games mostly vehicle and flight based or is it like on the ground shooting... if that makes sense.. like how most third person shooters are like TC GRAW and gears, etc

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Its a mix of both. You can pretty much exclusively play on foot or in a vehicle in Warhawk/Starhawk if you want to. Or you can mix the two.

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As the dude above me said, you can play however you want. You can focus on staying in the air, staying in cars, using motor bikes, using jet packs, using a sniper rifle, or using any of the other on foot weapons.

You play it however you want too.

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Yup. It pretty much lets you play how you want and the campaign in Starhawk teaches you all the mechanics for each of the different vehicles really well so play through that quickly and then you should be good to go for the MP. I haven't played either game in a while so I'm not sure if the servers will be very full. Starhawk was a pretty big failure upon release. It's a fine game, but as Sony is prone to do it didn't market it at all and no one bought it. I could still find a couple games late last year but haven't tried since. Warhawk I know has some really dedicated fans, but the game is more than five years old so I doubt many people are playing and those that are playing are probably really experienced. Point is, it's a good game but I would hesitate on buying either today.

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