Do you want to play this game with me? (A beacon forum for PSN)

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With the latest update on the Xbo x360 Microsoft has introduced the 'Beacon service' which allows you to mark the games you'd like to play with friends and if your friends wish to, they can join you. 
This feature sounds great but unfortunately there isn't a similar feature on PSN. With that in mind I was thinking we could start a thread where users can announce their intent to play a certain game at a given time with other Giant Bomb members  and we could exchange PSN IDs and organise play dates.  
While there are other threads like the GT5 race night thread, Battlefield 3 thread and Modern warfare 3 thread , I feel these threads and others like them are only good for the big release games. I think it's harder for people to find co-op or multiplayer games for smaller games, something this thread can hopefully alleviate. 
Because of Giant Bomb's Multi-national community I think a Time zone converter would also be useful. One can be found here: 
Now that that's done I'll start: 
GAME: Outland
LOCATION: Australia 
TIME: 1pm Australian eastern standard time  
PSN ID: Masha2932 
MESSAGE: Please join me in Playing the co-op challenges in Outland and some of the boss fights as well. 

Should I make a table for the people who are always playing a game a a certain date and time? Maybe this could help with consistency? 

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