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    PlayStation Plus is a premium PlayStation Network subscription service.

    Something Needs to Be Done About PS4 Cloud Saving

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    I don't know what happened between this generation and the last generation, but for some reason save data has become ridiculously large. Sometimes hundreds of MBs for a game like Alien Isolation (a single player game where you can only load from the last 2 save files). Looking back at last generation, rarely did games ever reach the MB range for save data size. Sometimes huge games (like skyrim) could get pretty big, but not as much as I've seen on ps4.

    The reason I write this is because I ran out of cloud storage on my ps4 the other day, and that is stupid. Something needs to be done about this. The easy answer would be to raise the storage limit on ps4, but to me it seems ridiculous that save data has gotten so bloated. I'm not an expert, I'm not a developer, but it reads to me like someone isn't optimizing something because there's no reason for a game like Trials Fusion to have 50 MB of save data. Unless someone can rationalize it to me?

    This thread probably comes off as whiny, and it is. It isn't a huge deal and ps plus is a great value, but when one aspect of a great service doesn't work as it should it becomes glaring.

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    On PS3, WWE2K13 had your downloaded create a wrestlers implanted into the save file, so mine was a 3.2GB one. PS+ automatically tries to upload it on a nightly basis, leaves an error message, and worse, it then fails to upload the other game saves scheduled. Solution was to turn off auto for that specific game, but weird that it wouldn't be smart enough not to try, or tell me that nothing else I actually did have enough free space for had been uploading for weeks. Crisis avoided. 1GB isn't enough. It just isn't enough.

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