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This is what I think the trophy system looks like underneath the shiny icons. I submitted a re-write of the article with this included which was approved yet the only thing that actually changed was the blurb, so may as well post it here where people can see.

So the numbers involved here were worked out from SSHD. Getting a bronze trophy contributed 3% to completion, silver 6% and gold 18% roughly. Hence if we simplify this we get:
Bronze Trophy = 1 Point
Silver Trophy = 2 Points
Gold Trophy = 6 Points
Platinum = 12 Points

( The number for a platinum is either 12 or 13, worked out from Uncharted and maths, but 12 sounds more likely. )

Adding these up it seems that PSN games are allocated 21 points for trophies, as can be seen here
Super Stardust HD
7  Bronze =  7p
4  Silver =  8p
1  Gold   =  6p
          = 21p

It also seems that expansions can add 6 points worth of trophies, although this may only be PSN expansions.
Solo Pack
2  Bronze =  2p
2  Silver =  4p
          =  6p
Team Pack
1  Gold   =  6p
          =  6p

This is further clarified with PixelJunk Eden's trophies.
PixelJunk Eden
19 Bronze = 19p
2  Silver =  2p
          = 21p

With Uncharted getting the trophy treatment yesterday we can now see how retail games fare.
Uncharted - Drakes Fortune
36 Bronze = 36p
8  Silver = 16p
3  Gold   = 18p
1  Plat   = 12p
          = 82p

This is confirmed using Buzz! Quiz TV.
Buzz! Quiz TV
6 Bronze = 6p
11 Silver = 22p
7 Gold = 42p
1 Plat = 12p
         = 82p

Warhawk bucks this trend however
Warhawk (base trophies)
36 Bronze = 36p
4 Silver = 8p
4 Gold = 24p
1 Plat = 12p
         = 80p

All the Warhawk Expansions have the same trophy allocation
3 Silver = 6p
1 Gold = 6p

Therefore the maximum number of points a game can have are:
PSN Games - 21 Points
PSN Expansions - 6 Points
Retail Games - 82 Points (including Platinum)
Retail Expansions - 12 Points

These are my best guesses for levels and points required.
Level 1 = 0p
Level 2 = 14p
Level 3 = 40p
Level 4 = 80p
Level 5 = 160p
Level 6 = 320p?

Have fun.

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Platinum is worth 15% of the total points in a Blu-Ray game.  Just got it in Uncharted and checked right before.

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