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I'm gonna call it the p'zone because fuck you.

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This late streak is grinding my gears.

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How it hasn't come to down to a slick and simple X1 is beyond me....

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Where the FUCK is the new bombcast?

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Hit me with 'dat bomb(cast)!

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@theelliotbee: Seriously guys, I want a new podcast. DROP A BOMB ON IT ALREADY!

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XBOZONE. Welcome to the BOZONE...layer.

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@krakn3dfx said:

I'm excited about the idea of no XBox One talk this week.

But realistically, of course there will be.

I don't understand why it's desirable for them to ignore literally the biggest news going on right now. I don't need to hear them go on for another hour and ahalf about it, but they already ignore plenty of news that they totally shouldn't.

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I'm excited about the idea of no XBox One talk this week.

But realistically, of course there will be.

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Ladies and Gentleman, presenting the impeccable timing of Jeff via Skype!

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@marokai: Wait, Halo? On the TV? That's crazy talk!

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xbone is cool. x1 is easier. x1 wins.

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I'll never sleep again

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Am I the only one whose loved the Jeff free podcasts of the past few weeks? It feel like everyone is much more open to discuss/share ideas and its a bit more fun all around. Jeff is funny/great but to me it seems as if he dominates the conversion (tone/subject matter) way to much and it becomes much more of a Jeff-cast than anything. Its a shame that Patrick is going MIA from the pod soon as he seems to be shining without Jeff in tow.

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1:03 best part. GERSTMANIA!

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Pretty funny how everyone is obsessed on how to abbreviate the name.

But what was Brad going on about regarding the PS3 letting us down? If anything Sony has really shown in the last couple of years that it's serious about it's games. I feel that if anything their reveal carried that philosophy forward. You could argue that from a developer standpoint and in terms of the launch they screwed up, but it's hard to fault Sony's PS3 strategy recently.

Anyway good podcast, but man did I have to skip the nightmare section, I am way too squeamish.

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I wonder how they plan to make that TV stuff work over here (Finland). I get my TV straight from the wall to the TV through a coax cable. My TV is the digital receiver/tuner/whatever. There's no extra box there that pushes out a HDMI signal.

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Was laughing tears at the part with the spiders. I was flying back from the Xbox Event at the time and people probably thought there's something wrong with me :)

Also I think I was sitting behind Jeff while he was making that skype call. And I even thought at that time, that he may be recording for the podcast. Man I should have just waked by and said something stopid :)

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the XBONG :smoke:

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Something very similar to the ant candy bar happened to my brother when I was a little kid, except it was a really old pack of Dolly Madison donuts at a rest stop in West Virginia. It was horrifying. We both had night terrors over it.

Being reminded of it probably means I'm going to dream about it again very soon for the first time in 20 years. Thanks in advance, assholes. D:

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Loved Nuts and Bolts, it's really a shame it didn't sell better.

I'm calling it the Xbone until whatever the hell the mass consensus decides to call it happens. Might not be classy, but consoles don't really call for a lot of classiness in their names, it's a dirty ass business.

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I was just glad I got my Star Trek question answered and it caused some great conversation. Didn't mean to start a fight ha ha.

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People should remember that they probably recorded RIGHT after the livestream, they probably didn't have enough time to pick through all the investigation that people were doing into the anti-consumer things, nor did they probably know what stuff was going to be vetted or not. Chances are good they were remaining cautious...

That being said, usually I typify the bombcast as being the strongest opinions one way or another on the net, today they were the weakest. That was pretty weird.

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The whole "spiders drinking from your eyes" and "spiders running in your ears" what hilarious. :D

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@smcn said:

I feel like a broken record, but could someone please conjure up one of these mythical "wide audience" non-gamers that actually took time out of a work day to watch the reveal? I just can't wrap my head around it. I need to know if they actually exist or if it's just an attempt at rationalizing why the event was such a colossal dud.

They didn't need to, the highlights/etc all showed up on CNN, Local News, wherever else you may look. And if they really wanted to it's really easy to watch it On Demand in a few places.

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I am thirsty bro.

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This should have been called the "what if Xbox does all these things that they didn't introduce" podcast. Next time just give your Xbox a little hug and a kiss and move on.

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Push "Play" to see Mattrick's dimples.

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A missed opportunity to put the moving circles in the eyes of that picture.

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Microsoft make over a billion raw dollars a year from Live Gold subscriptions alone.

That's money going towards exclusive DLC and other moneyhatting, confirmed by MS.

It's 99.9% likely that cloud saves will remain paywalled like everything else on the XBone.

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@marokai: After listening I think they were just excited about it being something new. However, it still smacks of the video game industry taking care of its own. I can't speak to the games or the presentation being bland because I have seen neither of them. Quantum Break sounds cool if only because of Remedy. Anyway, I'm just upset they didn't make more of a fuss about Xbox 360 downloadables not carrying over. If they treat it like the first Xbox then those games could be lost to time due to server outages.

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Nice to hear more about the Xone, and agreed 100% who's seen a lot of Star Trek about how Mass Effect & Star Trek Online are probably the best games out there (in regards to that one email).

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I hate the spider talk :(

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When they were talking about how everyone was chasing Call of Duty money and then discussed how the Moba genre was going to be next. First thought in my head, "I wonder when an EA developed Moba game will be announced".

Two seconds later, Brad talks about an EA developed Moba that I never knew existed. Yer too predictable, EA.

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The #One #4 #U

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Awwwwwwwww Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It's time for my regularly scheduled Bombcast, let's GET.IT.OWWWWN.

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@lukas said:

I was sort of disappointed by the MS event but man that name is great. And no one saw it coming.

XBOX One => XBO => Crossbow

XBOX One => XBox Won => XBox On


XBOX One =>XB1


I wonder which abbreviation will be used.

Crossbow would be a cool name nickname, but man that actual name... is "great"...

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Goddamnit, every time they say Xbox One, I think of the original Xbox. This is not good, and I now realize I hate the name Xbox One. They really Xboned it up with the name.

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This holiday Microsoft is going to take you to the Bone Zone.

I like how Matrick said "the one" three times in the paragraph leading up to the proper pronouncement of the title. The whole time people were like, "just say the name already," while the look on his face said, "Suckers, I already did. Thrice."

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

They have let us down because the Xbox One is going to be good for the industry, but not the consumer. The consumer is the only one taking a hit on this new console and the crew are obviously not concerned about that. "Whatever, I don't buy used games anyway" seems to be the prevailing thought, but there are plenty of people who do and they are the ones getting left out in the cold.

'Collusion' has taken on an unintentionally hilarious meaning on this site, but that's what was going through my mind during the Microsoft event; this is just a gross combining of industries and big name figures to make something as deliberately broad appeal as possible. Cable companies coming together with Microsoft, games weaving in TV show stories (cause, you know, Defiance is such a hit), bringing in an ex-Warner Bros and CBS woman to shill on how Xbox is going to be that-next-big-thing, and "hey! Steven Spielberg! I know that guy!" Halo! On the TV! Imagine that!

I can't remember if it was a week ago or the week before last, but I remember listening to Brad talk in the Bombcast about how he can't bring himself to get excited to watch movies anymore because practically all of them are almost deliberately bland, unoriginal, broad appeal, inoffensive summer blockbuster-style movies with very little to no edge. Microsoft is doing their damnedest to make their console and big named games go hand in hand with that sort of marketing philosophy.

I hate being deliberately provocative, but, the video game industry is at a kind of scary point at the moment, and left to their own devices, Microsoft, with the complacency of the consumers and the mainstream press, could very easily push the video game industry as we've know it to the backseat. If you're someone who is worried about a future where 95% of the video game industry slides into mediocrity ala the movie industry, peak outside of the ivory tower, stop giving people another inch and another inch and start being more pointed in their criticism.

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I'm calling it the Xone or the NEXbox