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That was quick!

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We have a best thumbnail 2018 nominee.

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classy thumbnail

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Thank you guys for the quick upload, I missed the first hour and a half whilst I was out shopping. My take on the mini C64 is that despite it's other shortcomings (and that it might break the immersion in a way but be more practical), I don't think needing an external keyboard is such a bad idea, keyboards are really cheap and if necessary there's a high chance you know someone with one you can borrow (even perhaps from work for a weekend). It also helps keep the cost of production and shipping down on the base unit.

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I wonder if this dude knows he's become that "Guy Who Smoked Weed From a Hollowed-Out N64 Controller." This photo could be the most important things this man has done. A modern hero!

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Re: Shareware mini: No Hugo's House of Horrors?

ETA: FWIW, you're already over with me, Ben.

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Oh my god that thumbnail

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I really enjoyed Jeff and Jan talking Wrestlemania. My trial runs out on May 8th, so yeah.

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Never have I ever smoked out of a N64 controller.

The IRS! "It's all good man."

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Spyro the Dragon was a better game than Super Mario 64, there I said it.

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I want to play the turn-based version of the first Ni No Kuni everyone at Giant Bomb played. It would probably be easier to keep your companions alive in the early part of the game at least.

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Big fan of the WrestleMania Minute

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Mulholland Drive is beautiful fuk u guys :(

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In no world is Far Cry 5 getting mostly negative word of mouth lol. What a bubble

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As someone that lives in the Midwest, it's crazy that Jan has never seen snow falling! I probably would have reacted in the same way, however.

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Big fan of the WrestleMania Minute

And Jeff's ever-increasing running time totals of the show

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@squidmanv1: there’s a place for that filth and it ain’t the Bombcast!

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I feel like I’m connecting less and less with the Bombcast. They just spent an extended period of time talking about wrestling and then within the span of about ten minutes they dissed both Spyro and Sly Cooper, two of the most important games of my childhood.

I mean whatever, I’m not saying they have to share my opinions or anything, but it’s always a bummer when there’s a game or a piece of news that I’m excited about and it barely even gets talked about and then the guys proceed to talk about wrestling or old tech or something else that goes completely over my head.

This all sounds really whiny I’m sure. The Bombcast is great.

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Jeff seems to really have an issue with Far Cry 5. Every time someone brings up that they are having fun with it, he says no it sucks and brings up all the same things he has said before. He did on the Beastcast last week to Backalar. Why can't he let Brad or whomever say that they like it and why?

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@zevy said:

In no world is Far Cry 5 getting mostly negative word of mouth lol. What a bubble

Which is probably why they didn't say that. (Brad said "mildly").

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@spindini: I'm listening to this part now, and it's not nearly as negative as that. Brad is literally agreeing with Jeff about certain elements of the game being frustrating and ridiculous. Jeff also says that parts of it are improved over previous games.

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Do we really need another ethics in game journalism question on the bombcast? If you are that bothered by that that stop reading game reviews and use your own judgement.

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@zevy said:

In no world is Far Cry 5 getting mostly negative word of mouth lol. What a bubble

Far Cry's reviews are positive, but mixed. Most people who like it seem to like it for "stupid fun," which'll get old fast.

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I for one am shocked that Dave Lang's company made a bad game.

Look, I know y'all like him, but ever since Iron Galaxy worked on that broken ass Batman game, I've been hesitant to believe anything he says, and I certainly am more than hesitant to buy anything with Iron Galaxy's name on it.

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That N64 bong picture is definitely in the running for "best podcast image."

Also, the fact that I was more-or-less able to follow along with the Wrestlemania talk despite never caring about pro wrestling is slightly depressing. I guess if you follow a group of people who tangentially talk about it for 10 years, you eventually pick up on a lot through osmosis.

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I think the encounter frequency in Far Cry 5 is partly modern Ubisoft design being afraid that the player might get to get too bored unless something is constantly happening, and also because they want it to feel like you're in a territory overrun by cultists. The game encourages you to avoid the main roads until you liberate an area to reduce the amount of enemy patrols.

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"finally put the belt on reigns" IIRC he's like a 4 time champ already. And he has main evented 4 WMs in a row and came out on top vs HHH 2 years ago for the title. he's had that moment and they STILL can't get him over. 4 years in and it isn't working still and the crowd destroyed that WM main event last Sunday. And they just delayed his win until the big Saudi Arabia show where he can win and get cheered.

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This was a pretty good Bombcast, one of the better ones in a while. Brad really rocked it.

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About the Way missions are being giving in FC5, did Watchdogs 2 not do something like that I, remember be giving missions from people when I ran around in town randomly ? Have not played FC5 yet though, so I can't really compare yet. I Can just remember the Way missions were giving in WD2 was diffrent than in WD1.

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Another game at E3 2014 that is still not out along side Phantom Dust and Scalebound, what happened to Dead Island 2?

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If you've seen Saving Private Ryan, you've seen a movie Nathan Fillion was in.