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We've Got Premium, You've Got Questions

Here’s what’s changing with Giant Bomb Premium

As we announced on the June 7 episode of the Bombcast, Giant Bomb Premium is evolving and it's pretty damn exciting!

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Giant Bomb Premium and You

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What's new?

  • Starting immediately, all currently-running Premium shows will be made free and all live content will be streamed to Twitch.
  • All Premium content published before January 1, 2021 will be considered "the archive." Anything Premium published afterwards will now be converted to free. (We're currently unlocking that content. It should all be done soon!) If you see something that you believe should be unlocked, please let us know. (As of Jan 2023 this process has been completed.)
  • "Premium" content will now be reserved for special behind-the-scenes access in the form of community Q&As, crew hangouts, special events and new ways our community can have a role in the kind of content we produce. This content can be on-site or via Discord. We'll be messaging out the schedule for these events on the Show Notes page and increasing awareness on Twitter too.
  • Premium members get 10% off our merch store for as long as they're an active member. Simply use code GIANTBOMB10PERCENT at checkout and you'll get 10% off your entire order if your email matches your Premium email address! You can also use older store codes from Premium memberships if they haven't expired!
  • Premium members will also get access to exclusive merch multiple times a year.
  • We're also doubling down on our Discord community
    • Premium members can attach their sub to our Discord server and access Premium-only channels and events which, of course, staff will be frequenting. Our first two channels are already live (#behind-the-scenes and #premium-general) and there will more to come!
      1. Join the Giant Bomb Discord
      2. Head to the channel #bot-linkdump
      3. Enter "/premium connect" without the quotes
      4. And then just follow the directions that pop up!

What's staying the same?

  • Premium subscribers still get a traditionally ad-free site experience as well as access to ad-free podcast feeds.
  • A Premium sub also gives you access to the legacy archive of content and the ability to download those videos as well. The "archive" is all Premium content published before January 1, 2021.
  • Premium subscribers who are logged into will have access to our on-site Priority Chat for live shows like the Bombcast, Voicemail Dump Truck, The Morning Mess and Unprofessional Fridays.
  • Your support still matters. Premium subs have allowed us to operate fully independently, even through years of corporate ownership. It helps support our special brand of nonsense and goes above and beyond the normal ways a company like ours keeps the lights on.

Beyond Premium

  • We're hard at work on a way to offer Premium members more value out of their subscription and we're using audience feedback to help shape it.
  • Everything we've outlined here will be included in the entry-level of Premium.
  • Anyone who is actively subscribed at the time we launch the addition Premium levels will be automatically grandfathered into Level 2. We're aiming for a total of 3 Levels.

We'll be updating this page when we have more to share. If you have a question, just ask. For the absolute latest, please join our amazing community on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

[last updated 1/16/2023]