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Primm is the first town you come across after leaving Goodsprings (assuming you are following the main quest line). Although it seems at first that there is not much to do, you can actually find all the things you need including various beds to sleep in, and a merchant (Johnson Nash will give you the option to buy and sell things). Notable buildings include the Bison Steve Hotel, the Vicky & Vance Casino, The Mojave Express HQ and also some smaller buildings including Deputy Beagle's Office and the Sheriff's Office.

NOTE: When first arriving at Primm you must speak with the NCR commander before entering the town, as this may cause the NCR to become hostile to you and the town is off limits due to bandits. Also, please note that if you are approaching Primm from the NCR controlled side of the town, there are several landmines littering the path which can be potentially devastating. Watch your step.


Around the outskirts and interior of the Bison Steve Hotel you will find clusters of Powder Gangers; bandits that have escaped the local jail and taken up residence in the casino. These enemies are hostile upon site (if you decided to help the people of Goodsprings during the tutorial) and can cause quite a bit of damage if you are not prepared. Most notable is the Powder Ganger leader inside the casino, who carries an Incinerator as well as being flanked by three Powder Gangers.

The hotel itself contains, besides a small army of enemies, several points of interest including a break room in the lobby entrance, an upstairs with lots of looting potential, and you will also find Deputy Beagle being held hostage on the ground floor in the kitchen towards the back of the casino.


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ED-E is a repairable floating Enclave Eyebot that, once fixed, will serve as a very useful and powerful companion when exploring New Vegas. There are three main ways to get it up and running again:

  • A Repair skill of 65 or higher.
  • A Science skill of 55 or higher, followed by a Repair skill of 35 or higher.
  • Using Three Pieces of Scrap Metal, Two Sensor Models and one Scrap Electronics.

Once ED-E is repaired it will follow you, and with the Lonesome Road add-on pack it will be able to act as a workbench and reloading bench, enabling you to create weapons and ammo.

Notable Information

  • A Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap can be found at the southern edge of the town in the first house on the left. Do note however, that you must steal it and will receive negative karma.
  • Another Star Bottle Cap may be found on a desk opposite the elevator doors in the Bison Steve Hotel on the ground floor.
  • A unique .357 gun named Lucky can be found in a safe (with hard-lock on it) in the shop on the ground floor of the Bison Steve Hotel behind the counter.
  • Mr. New Vegas will refer to Primm on the radio as "the other New Vegas".
  • There was originally going to be reputation gain and loss opportunities for Primm, but it was cut from the game.

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